Apr 172011


Yes, today I had my picture taken… and so did my VP, and my SOA, and my Secretary, and my Road Captain, and my Enforcer, and my National Defender, and my Brothers, and my Prospects, and my Hang-Arounds, whew herunterladen!

Yeah, well don’t be too impressed because we certainly were not the only people being recorded by some photographic process. You see, today we attended the funeral of a local man who was killed by a drunk driver.  Horrible, terrible, unforgivable thing… And this was no ordinary man (not that anyone is ordinary to their loved ones), no this man was a National Officer of the Bandido Motorcycle Club musik aus itunes downloaden. And there were patch holders from as far away as Europe who showed up to pay their respects.

And what happens when you get a large group of motorcycle clubs and/or motorcycle club members together in one place?  Well, Johnny Law tends to invite himself along for the ride.  Camping out in bushes and parked cars and sometimes as brazen as walking right out in front of you, taking your picture, recording your license plate, and making sure you are included in the “National Database of Fun Loving, Good Hearted, Generous, Charitable, Motorcycle Enthusiasts.”

So yes, today I had my picture taken.  But that really isn’t the point of this little post.  The point is to allow some of us to say goodbye to a member of our local motorcycle community.  He was taken far too soon and will leave a void in many a heart for a long time to come app to video android.


RIP Bandido Pervert – GBNF


Love and Respect,




** This post is not intended to insinuate that there is a connection between the Bandido Motorcycle Club, or any other nationally/internationally known motorcycle club or organization and the ArtBikerWorld website 3 sat mediathek herunterladen.  ArtBiker World is a non-partial venue for news and views about the motorcycle industry, club life in general, and those issues affecting the greater biker community where you can legally movies.  Respect is due to anyone earning the right to wear a patch on their back, regardless of which Colors they fly.


ArtBiker IS affiliated with a Nationally Recognized 3-piece patch Motorcycle Club apps downloaden sony smart tv.  They are autonomous and do not act as a support club for any other organization large or small.  SFFS




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