May 092011

Yup, you probably know about my Panhead… Love her to death download soundcloud tracks.  My good friend, Steve “BrewDude” Garn was the man who did the good work on her… put her in a new green dress and worked over the engine herunterladen.  When she came home to me, there were a couple things I wanted to tweak as well as a bad set of gaskets in the rear cylinder… it happens sometimes herunterladen.  Luckily for me, Steve walked me through a few things on the phone as I pulled the engine and replaced the faulty gaskets.


Since then, I have had a few issues here and there herunterladen.  I need to replace a diaphragm in the petcock and I think I am getting an intake leak at the manifold… surely from not getting everything put back exactly right after taking the engine back out pretty little liars kostenlos downloaden.  Live and learn.  I am also on the lookout for a new (used) carb to put on her.  She is a 49 bottom with a 57 or so top… If you have anything that you think will work for me, send info apple appsen nicht.


Anyway, thought I would put up the pics from the engine pull.  Give you an idea of what she is looking like!  Thanks to all my boys in the club for coming out to lend a hand, hold a light, or just stand by and laugh download apple purchased music.  Love you all! SFFS!


Love, Respect, and Panheads Forever,




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