Nov 082011
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Perhaps the most dangerous ad ever created… I mean, you can poke fun at a lot of things and a lot of people, but when you mess with one of the major MC’s, you could be asking for a lot of trouble fotos von icloud auf pc herunterladen mac.  The only possible saving grace is that apostrophe… one is not used in the club’s name.

The ad is for unbreakable lenses and was photographed and is being run in France.  And, yes, there is a Hells Angels Chapter in that area download mp3 for free.

Hell’s Angels are pussies
Airwear Lenses / Unbreakable

Advertising Agency: Herezie, Paris, France

Executive Creative Director: Andrea Stillacci

Copywriter: Jean-Laurent Py

Art Director: Sebastien Boutebel

Head of planning: Luc Wise

Planner: Céline Choueri

Producer: Evelyne Luce

Art buyer: October 6777

Photographer: Kim Ramberghaug

Retouching: Poisson Rouge

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