Oct 092008

Today is the perfect day amazon music unlimited alben herunterladen.  The temperature is in the mid 80’s, the humidity is low, the sun is shining, and the pollution level is mild enough you don’t choke as soon as you leave the house herunterladen.  I have spent the day tooling around town looking for a new helmet.  You see, helmets have been a major topic of discussion around the homestead as of late spotify für macbook herunterladen. My Ol’ Lady has become less than happy with my novelty skidlid.  So she has been trying to convince me to move to a DOT model.  In her words, she and the kids like my noggin’ the way it is adobe flash for free.

I suppose I am a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to helmets.  I want a tiny lid or nothing at all; I want my wife in a good DOT number, and I want my girls in the best full-faced jobs money can buy block craft for free.  Perhaps that is how most of us are.  I value the lives of the ones I love more than my own… I also feel I have some control in a world that is hell bent on proving that no one has control spyder.  Foolish? Yes.  But that is the way it is sometimes.

If I am going to consider this, I have a decision to make dumb ways to die kostenlos herunterladen.  Half Helmet? Three Quarter Job? Full Faced?  Each has its own qualities.  I personally prefer the look and feel of a half helmet, so this is what I am gunning for foto viewer windows 7en. I have found that the carbon fiber models seem to be the smallest and lightest. Three quarter helmets have come back into vogue lately and my lovely wife looks as cute as can be in her Biltwell, even if it is not a DOT approved model Download after effects for free. Fulmer and Davida make ¾ models that have the low profile, kool old school look and they are both DOT approved.  Be careful of the Davida though, I thought the monthly note on a new bike was high, the cost of this thing is pretty outrageous Download roblox android for free.  Lastly is the full-faced model.  I have a few Bros who swear by these and they are the only helmets they will don.  Besides offering exceptional protection in the event of a high-speed get off, they also offer ID protection if the situation ever calls for it.  I have found that HJC has a youth line of full-faced lids that I will be getting for my girls.  Full coverage protection and they come in pink… what little girl doesn’t like pink?

So, after a few years of unhappy looks as I ride off in my old brain bucket, I have finally decided to buy a new lid. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I considered slapping a DOT sticker on my existing pudding bowl, but that could end up badly.  If you happen to be caught by Johnny Law with a sticker on a novelty helmet you could be looking at a very large fine, and in some states, they will impound your bike right on the spot!  Hitching a ride home with a novelty helmet in my hand sounds like a drag to me, so I decided to avoid that all together.

I ended up at the local, independently owned biker shop and took a peek at what they had.  The helmet that fit me best was a HCI Naked Front (no lip or visor to catch the wind).  The sizes run a bit large, and I may have been able to squeeze my skull into a medium, but after the ride home I figure this one was going to do the trick.  And at under $50, who could complain.  Besides, riding off with a kiss and a smile from the Ol’ Lady is worth much more.  You have to pick your battles and, this time, she was right.


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,




  One Response to “A New Helmet for ArtBiker”

  1. I agree with the choice thing. I hate that California is a helmet law state. It should be a choice. A choice to feel your hair in the breeze, the bugs in your teeth and the pea gravel in your face; but a choice none the less.
    I am one of your friends that ALWAYS wears a helmet. A full face Arai, and I have stopped eating lunches for 2 months just so I could buy one. I am also one of the few that I know of that has hit the ground at speed, only to get up dust myself off and walk away. Fortunately for me there are few obstacles on race tracks.
    On the street there are too many objects to hit. I can’t imagine spilling my brain on to the street for my friends and or family members to see and carry around in their memory banks for the rest of their lives. And that would be fortunate for you. Worse case scenario isn’t dying, its ending up a drooling bed ridden vegetable in diapers that is a burden on their loved ones.
    I have few things in y world view hat actually scare me. That’s one of them.
    What’s your head worth? What’s it worth to know that you are doing everything in your power to ride safe and not end up a burden on your darlin’s shoulders?
    ok.. I’m stepping off my soap box now…
    your friend,
    Live free, ride fast, take chances…

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