Dec 022011

So, I have been daydreaming a little about a new bike… not for me, but for my lovely wife.  The Ol’ Lady has a Nightster that just kicks ass, but she has suddenly discovered the Blackline.  I must admit the Blackline is a beauty pets 2 for free!

I love riding the Nightster (with her permission, of course).  It feels a lot like my 49 Pan, but the apes are smaller and it consistently starts and goes… that second one is a very nice quality in a bike.  However, we do like to travel across country and that measly 95-mile gas tank is a bit on the restrictive side, if you’re interested in bikes you can also find some great fat tire ebikes which are really comfortable to ride all resources.

So, I posted a photo comparing a bunch of Harley’s to see which one she liked best (just going on looks.  You know, gut reaction).

She chose the Blackline and the Fatboy Lo (both of which I would have chosen myself).  We would have chosen the 48, but again, the petrol capacity issue download minecraft for free.

Then I figured we would open it up a bit… check the Harleys out against the Victory.  The Victory has a bigger engine and seems to give you a little more bang for your buck download word for free in full. To view the latest range of Wisper’s amazing touring ebikes simply click here and visit their page.

She has not selected from the above list of the Hammer 8-ball, the Vegas High Ball, the Vegas 8-ball, and the aforementioned Harleys ticket.

But that is OK because Victory is introducing a new model in one short week.  December 9th will be the debut of a new model.  Below is a teaser that tells you almost nothing except there are red pinstripes on the rims, the paint is probably flat black, and there will most likely be some more pinstripe work on the tins.  You can also guess that there are ape hangers on the bike by the level in which the rider’s throttle hand sits in one particularly short shot.  The keen eye will observe my good friend Frank’s (Nino925) rings on that throttle hand… Yup, best out there, visit his site here whatsapp downloaden op apple ipad.  And do a search in the search bar in the upper right corner of the blog… I have a lot of info on Nino!

Anyway, the video is almost not even a teaser, but it will do to keep the juices flowing, keep the dreamers dreaming, and keep me posting bike pics form my better half to drool over while I fantasize about being able to put one under her X-Mas Tree herunterladen.



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