Nov 112008

Welcome to another Tattoosday kasse herunterladen.  Today we have a few images by a man my wife and I met at a convention in Texas back in 2003.  While walking past the stalls, checking out the work, we were both grabbed by something we had not seen in the tattoo world before Download nacon profile.  And that is saying a lot.  There are many unique designs going onto skin and a lot of talent out there, but Bugs is the only one I have seen who has chosen to take his cubist inspired style to skin weihnachtslieder kostenlos downloaden.

Bugs was born in Perpignan, France and very much fits the stereotype of the French artist.  He attended art school and has acquired formal training download flux.  It was in his studio in London that Bugs solidified his style in what has been described as being a mix between cubism, art deco, and classical art download from youtube for free.  Bugs has been in Los Angeles since 2005 and can be found at the Tattoo Lounge on Valencia.

For now, check out this artists website at, and if you are into the convention circuit, check out the upcoming dates… he will be available all over the world musik mp3 player kostenlos herunterladen.


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,








Available $8,200

Diva : 36x48 inches : Oil on Canvas : Available $8,200


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