Jan 062018

Man, I can’t apologize enough for being away for so long.  I got very, *very* sick and am still recovering.  I lost years and even those with the  most tenacity and patience were unable to wait forever… and I don’t blame them a bit.  I don’t blame you a bit for no longer checking here to see what is up in the world.  However, all of that is about to change.  So, drop a new bookmark, make me your homepage, and get ready for more of the best info on the interwebs about Bikers, motorcycling, products, events, industry news, the finest tattoo artists in the world, stories from inside the 3-piece patch world,  and stories balancing the biker life/club life with civilian life wps office kostenlos downloaden.

There will be product reviews and evaluations, ArtBiker gear, fine artwork, leather projects, bike builds, and the news you can’t get from someone not inside the circle… app für android um youtube videos zu downloaden.


But, first, I will need a bit more rest.  So, I am going to catch up on all the big and small things that I missed during my multi-year battle with illness.  In fact, may have a book coming on that experience as well as blog.  Will keep you posted outlook für ios herunterladen.


Much Love & Respect,





Ah, how cute!  Baby Harleys!  Oh, and they bought Ducati?  Wonder how Buell feels… And is that an Indian Flat Tracker?  Hot Damn, she’s good looking.  As for the baggers, did Indian steal Ness from Victory?  Wait… what?  Victory is dead?  Oh, shit!  But have you checked out the latest Triumphs?  I need to get to a dealership and see some of this stuff.  Think the FXSTDI will take a charge?  I don’t really wanna spend $130 for a damn battery.  I’ll take the Panhead… F*^&*, that’s a crack in the f*^&(()_)& frame!!!  I’m going to shoot someone.  You heard me.  I’m going to play Counter Strike and think about this mess….  I sure hope readers come back… herunterladen. why did I get a two-story house?  Puppies, you coming or what?

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