Nov 202008



I love the Ducati Monster, and the newest model takes my breath away windows 10 installations cd.  In fact, I already told you this in an earlier Blog about my list of dream bikes for the garage.  But, with all dreams and all lists, things change cockatrice downloaden.  The question now is could I also love a BMW?  Sure, old Beamers have a nostalgia about them that I dig, and if I were in the market for an adventure-touring bike, BMW might be a place I would start looking gratis hörspiele zumen.  Heck, I have even come to embrace some of the off the wall styling that they consider “cruiser.”  However, they may have just hit the nail on the head with their new concept bike, the Lo Rider herunterladen.

This new, naked machine is a direct contender for the Duck.  It is bare bones and shows off the frame and the trademark Boxer motor lego technic bauanleitungen herunterladen.  It may not be quite as sexy as the Monster, but it does something that the Ducati doesn’t, it is ultimately customizable.

Yes, BMW seems to have taken a page from the Harley Handbook and is looking to create a bike that can then be recreated over and over by each owner to fit his or her specific desires Download pumuckl for free.  Seat, handlebars, headlight, and exhaust can be changed with other items to personalize the look and feel of the bike.  Plus, and probably most exciting, the seat, handlebar, and foot peg positions can all be changed easily to fine tune or dramatically change the riding position mediathekview kostenlos downloaden!  Cool idea to be able to move your foot pegs from a center position to forward and vice versa, talk about custom.

While the Lo Rider is still a concept vehicle it might not be that far off in motorcycling’s future herunterladen.  At the Milan show where the vehicle was unveiled, BMW Motorrad’s General Director stated that this bike would take less than the usual 36 months to create since BMW already has many of the components necessary for this new model herunterladen.  One can only hope!  I suppose we will have to wait and see about that list… changes could be possible.


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