Dec 112008

It seems that our friends (?) in Myrtle Beach are working diligently to come to some kind of decision as to the fate of the Harley Spring Rally and the Atlantic Beach Bikefest herunterladen.  Council members met on Tuesday, but were unable to come to a consensus.  They have, however, decided to meet as a small group with a few biker groups to try and resolve some of the issues that are still on the table bluetooth to.

As it stands at this moment, the MB community is still divided.  Many residents are tired of the noise and disruption while many small business owners and tourist venues are worried about the lost of the quarter million people that come in for each event and the gobs of money they leave behind vaillant app herunterladen.

There is a plan that received preliminary approval last month.  The proposal at the moment is a restriction of vendor permits designed to spread the events out over a wider area ballergames for free.  Last year there were 440 permits sold and all vendors were east of the Waccamaw River.  The proposed plan will limit the number of permits to 400 distributed as follows: 200 west of the river, 100 between the river and intercoastal waterway, and 100 east of the waterway homescapes kostenlos downloaden.  Prices east of the river would increase and all vendor permits would be shortened in time.  The Harley rally will have five day permits instead of the usual 10 day, and the Bikefest permits will be reduced from five days to four bilden macbook.   This plan needs two more votes to pass.

As far as I can tell, the noise ordinances are still going to be in affect and the helmet law has not yet been repealed emoticonsen voor whatsapp.


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,



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