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Yes Friends, ArtBiker is selling off a few items to help make ends meet.  As we all know, everyone has been hit hard by the current financial crisis.  And as a new father, ArtBiker is going to have to cut a few corners.  If you see a bike or a limited edition, signed, and archival fine art print that you are interested in, please contact ArtBiker directly.  If you are interested in one of the many shirts, shop smocks, clocks, mugs, or other items available in the ArtBiker Store, please order with confidence.  The whole family appreciates your support and we are happy to know that you enjoy the Blog.  If you are interested in advertising with us, please check out the advertising page for more info download mobile data.

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If you would like to sell a bike or biker related item through ArtBiker World, just let us know!  No Fees!  We will put your stuff up as a simple service.  Send the text you want and a couple pictures and I will get it up for you.  If it does sell through this site, we ask that you make a small donation just to offset the costs of running the site programm zum bilder bearbeiten kostenlos herunterladen.  Thanks!

Now On To The GOODS!


Hey Matt I’m selling my 750 for 3500ish. If you happen to know of anyone looking for a rigid motorcycle this is a clean one.

1979 Honda 750K DOHC

The original frame has been hard tailed and bike was completely gone through when rebuilt from the frame up.

Motor and transmission have not been touched and run great. Light and nimble the bike is fun to ride and gets many looks. An extra motor, set of wheels and extra parts comes with the bike.

The bike has clear Texas Title with factory frame and numbers NO TITLE OR INSURANCE HEADACHES…. 

Text Farrell @ 832.453.4282 minecraft pe ios for free.


Listed below are all the items that have been replaced in the past 3 years.

•              Clutch and pressure plate

•              New Dual Mikuni Carb Kit from CycleX

•              Steering Head and wheel Bearings

•              Front pads and caliper rebuilt

•              Rear Drum Shoes

•              Custom Exhaust with 4” Baffles

•              British Cafe racer clip-on bars

•              West Eagle Solo Seat

•              Dynatek – Dyna 2000 Digital Ignition box, Coils and Wires

•              Harley Davidson AGM Battery

•              Clutch, throttle and brake cable

•              Speedometer

Parts that have been powder coated on the bike:

•              Lower fork legs

•              Upper and lower fork trees

•              Valve cover

•              Engine Mount Brackets

•              Gas Tank, Rear Fender, Battery hold down, Headlight

•              Oil filter cover



For those who haven’t followed the build, Lucky Devil 001 is the first manufactured production bike from the house of Mr.Devil. They have been slow to turn in the final material on this build, but there’s good reason and here it is, at last. After the long and arduous process of becoming a licensed manufacture Lucky Devil found its first victim to work their magic on.Owner, Mike (no last name given), a long time customer jumped into line once they were ready to start on the first production model. He snatched the chance at the coveted 001. He rolled into Lucky Devil Metal Works, Houston, several times to discuss design elements and possible colors schemes with Big Eric and the Devil himself, and then the project was off and running ebay rechnung herunterladen.


The first item to be ordered up was the TP 124, polished motor. Only a sexy beast of a motor would do for this 001. Next was the Denver’s Chopper 15-over, wide Springer front end, welded by Mondo himself. Kent wanted to try one of these out on the production line and 001 just screamed for it.

Extreme Cycles supplied the frame with a comfortable 40 degree rake, and a 6-up and 3-out stretch. Once the major components were housed under the Devil’s roof the dance was on. Although, on TV, it only takes 1 hr to build a custom bike, this one took about 6 months from start to finish herunterladen.

Several parts orders were made from different vendors to round out the rest of the build. The Devil enjoys using PM products and so he ordered up the hand and foot controls from them and Ness grips and Pegs to blend in with the paint design.

A Baker 6-speed tranny put the power to the ground and a Kenny Boyce 4-inch open primary delivered the power to the transmission from the motor. Once the roller was assembled with Extreme machine wheels it was time to start the metal mischief.


The Rear fender was welded and molded into the frame with a tubular lower mount and trimmed with ¼-inch solid round stock to add strength and style blitzrechnen herunterladen. Then the tank was mounted and stretched. Molding was added to the frame to help the transition from the tank to the seat area. Then, with the seat foamed up and foot pegs in place, they measured and built the bars to position the client’s hands in just the right spot.


Only wicked custom, hand-fabricated pipes would do for this project, and there was an open clear shot to the left side behind the tranny, so the opportunity to have the rear pipe come out the left side was taken. The front followed the frame line to keep it clean.


Once all the parts were shipped out to chrome (Hands Off Polishing In Dallas), and paint (Jessie Galvan and Mike Landburg), for some clean black with a little candy accent and gold leaf with red pinstriping, Joe Noack busted open his bag of tricks on 001 to create another hand tooled seat creation. The stitching used on this is a triple Cordova, a time consuming method to say the least. Next the saddle was stained in a dark chocolate brown.


”Once we got some clothes on her (paint),” said the Devil gifs from pinterest. “It was time to get her put back together.” Assembly went smooth. “She felt ready to hit the road.” When it came time to fire her up it was all good, she came right to life.


She wasn’t even broken in before they started to make additions. A cool front pulley cover was made for the primary and the outer plate modified to accommodate it.

As the build was taking place the Lucky Devil dealers license was still in the works and proved to be a more difficult than anticipated. The original plan called for the existing Devilish showroom to be leased out to the dealer Lucky Devil Custom Cycles ( Mrs. Devil ), to do business and make the sales transactions, but the DOT saw it differently assassins creed. Another mandatory building was forced into the plan for the dealer.

”Fortunately one was available right next door,” said the Devil, “and the application was finally approved, then the final sale made.” The whole process was quagmire journey but the main objective reached, the client was elated with the bike, to put it lightly!

The best part was the building process, so it’s for sale but as he said, “It will take a healthy offer to pry his ass from the saddle.” This model is a hardass chopper and can be ordered with a wide variety of tire sizes, cosmetic, ergonomic, and component options from the Devil and 001 owner is anxious to kick off 002, unless someone beats him to it.



This bike comes from one of our loyal readers.  He would like $18k or trade for a nice pickup.  He is located in the Houston area and I have ridden this bike before.  It is a BLAST!  Just tuned up and serviced by Osborne Cycles and ready for the road foto downloaden android.  Drop me a note to get in touch with the seller.


2005 SGVT Flamed-Up Custom Chopper

Professionally built by ST. George V-Twin for showroom and rallies.


-Frame: 2005 National 5 inch stretch, 3 ½” backbone, 200 soft tail

(Bikers Choice prt #49-3706)

-Swing Arm: 200 chrome soft tail adjustable shocks

-Frame and Swing Arm paint professionally done by Dixie AD

-Front End: “Rick Doss Waterfall Series” over custom front end

-Engine:S & S super sidewiner 104 hp/96 inch

-Transmission:6 speed close ratio RMax (smoothest shifting

trannyyou will ever feel)

-Primary:BDL billet aluminum/chrome moons

-Exhaust:Radical curves street sweepers

-Brakes:Chrome Harley Davidson calipers

-Carb:Super E Shorty with custom cone-shaped velocity

-IgnitionCrane high 4, Crane high performance coil

-Seat:Corbin Hollywood Solo

-Forward Controls:Supreme Legends classic6061 T-6 billet

aluminum chromed

-Struts:Arlan Ness

-Wheels and Tires:rear: Truespoke 18, 200 series; front:

Truespoke Avons everywhere

-Tank and Fenders : 4 gallon custom SPRT tank, smooth (no

welds); front fender: S-tail, no rivets, bobbed; rear fender:

bobbed, smooth

-Paint:All body work professionally done by Dixie AD.

-Controls and Handlebars:Buffalo Bars, drags, custom chrome

switches and housing

-Signals: Drag Specialties; brake light/license holder combined

billet radical radium LED

– Oil tank is stainless steel and show polished




The next item up for grabs is ArtBiker’s pride and joy, Sinderella.

2003 FXSTDI Softail Deuce before chrome and 100th Anniversary Gold Key Package

2003 FXSTDI Softail Deuce before chrome and 100th Anniversary Gold Key Package

Sin is a 2003 FXSTDI Deuce with all the trimmings.The Fairy Godmother dressed this girl up and she is ready for the ball!ArtBiker bought this bike new as a gift to himself for surviving his cancer treatment in 2001 and 2002.He took delivery of the bike as the models were introduced and had a Gold Key Package AND a Stage I and Stage II Screamin’ Eagle kit put in, bumping the engine up to 95 Cubic Inches before he even picked her up from the dealer.That combined with the new breather and high performance exhaust brings her HP and Torque levels up to numbers deserving some respect.She is the limited edition black and silver with 100th anniversary bags, seat, and windshield.Of course, the bags and windshield are quickly attached or detached for hitting the bars or heading to your favorite rally.ArtBiker has used this as his touring bike and it has seen Sturgis, Laconia, Myrtle Beach, Daytona, and more Download tiptoi.

The bike is more than complete with a standard and touring saddle, two backrests (one tall and one short), a luggage rack, custom handlebars, grips, pegs, foot controls, shift linkage, and axle covers.The bike has been chromed out with a freshly dipped swing arm, rear wheel, and polished front and rear brake rotors and calipers.

The bike has been meticulously maintained by the dealership and, for those that didn’t know, ArtBiker was a professional auto and bike detailer for years.So, it goes without saying that the finish of the bike looks like it was just rolled off the showroom floor.

Over $30,000 has been invested in this bike and we are letting it go for $15,000.

The Deuce was a limited production run from Harley and is no longer made.You can’t buy one new, and there is no way you will find a better 100th Anniversary specimen anywhere.


Here we have ArtBiker’s way cool Electra Rat Fink Chopper Bicycle.This bike was also a limited edition run and was the first in the series to honor Ed “Big Daddy” Roth.The bike is in brand new condition and has been a showpiece in the ArtBiker household since it was purchased.ArtBiker did take it to work a few times and has enjoyed it around the neighborhood.The ride is very, very comfortable and the gears are like butter. This is a finely tuned machine.It sold for $750 new and has gone up in value because it is such a collector’s item.We will let it go for $600, but it needs a good home!




A reader sent in this pic and ad for a nice little Sporty… check it.

89 Sportster chopper, drag bars, drag pipes, halogen headlight, LED

taillight, Pera seat. I bought 2 yrs ago, supposedly fresh overhaul

with cam and head work (runs like it) new paint 3 months ago. Selling to

devote time to Texas Mile race car. Asking $5000 or offer. Would trade

on 93-95 Ford Lightning Pick Up

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