The Biker Wedding That Went South (what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?)

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Dec 222008

Just got the update on the wedding situation last weekend gangstar vegas herunterladen für android.  It seems that there was a Hells Angels wedding going on at “A Special Memory Wedding Chapel.”  As we all know, weddings are booked back to back in Vegas Christmas pictures for free.  Well, a Mongol and his fiancé were walking into the chapel just as the Angels were wrapping up their ceremony.

The Mongol groom was stabbed three times in the stomach and his best man was also stabbed herunterladen.  “We were friggen attacked, and we defended ourselves the best we could. It’s real hard to do when you’re outnumbered that bad, but that’s all right how to download an app. Mongol on,” he said Sunday afternoon, after being released from surgery.

The Mongol, who’s identity is being kept private at the time, wants everyone to know that he was not looking for a fight, but just wanted to get married ps4 hintergrundbilder herunterladen.  Metro police are still looking for suspects and no info on arrests have been released. 

I will keep you posted, and will have the video if it becomes available download new android software.  Have a safe and conflict free holiday.


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