Schott and Converse Get Together

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Jan 112011

I remember my first encounter with a Schott Leather Jacket… the year was 1985 or so and I was skateboarding my life away… I played bass guitar in a local punk band and my best friend was the lead singer.  He showed up at my place with a “new” leather jacket.  His father had handed it down to him and he proudly displayed the label inside… it read “Schott USA.”

We made quick work of putting dog spikes all over it, painting the back with graphic, punk rock images, and spending the next few years dousing it with beer and filling it with cigarette smoke… what a great jacket far cry 3 herunterladen.

I have wanted one of my own ever since.  Schott has been making jackets since the 20’s and came out with the first “Motorcycle Jacket” in 1928.  Perhaps their largest claim to fame is the fact that Schott is responsible for being the first company to put zippers onto motorcycle jackets.  A look and function we now take for granted.  There are a lot of knock offs out there now, but still only one original schadeformulier fbto.

Unfortunately, like many of us out there in the world, the price was always just a bit out of reach.  I am older now with a home of my own and two daughters who take precedence as far as monetary spending is concerned… so, I still don’t own one, but my girls have some fantastic dress up tutus in the closet download font files!

Now back in the day when my buddy got his leather, we were all skating ditches and pools in Albuquerque, NM.  And what did we ALL wear??  Converse of course.  At the time, you could still get a pair for about $10 to $15 and when they wore out from the grip tape, you could get a new pair.  My favorite were a special edition black and tan pair… I think I bought them two at a time so that when they were taken off the market I would have a backup.  At least the shoes I could afford on my $3.35/hour job film illegal.

So, what could be better than a Schott Jacket and a nice pair of Converse?  Well, how about a pair of Converse made/inspired by Schott??  Dream no more little dreamer; dream no more.  This Converse Chuck Taylor “Leather Jacket” features the premium Schott Leather on the majority of the upper in black direct x 10 downloaden. One of the more interesting features on this shoe is the monochromatic zipper design that appears throughout the midfoot and on the heel giving it a nice makeup attribute meditation herunterladen. Lastly, this Chuck Taylor is finished with brown Converse branding on the sides and a white, vulcanized rubber sole. These will retail at $200 and release exclusively at Converse First String retailers office 2010.

You may still run into a little issue with the price, since you can score about six pair of your run of the mill, canvas Chucks for the same price, but I am pretty sure that these leather babies will last you a lot longer… plus, they will look good on your scoot and, if you have the scratch, will match your sweet leather jacket how to games from steam.

Visit Schott to check out the jackets (a lot more than just motorcycle gear these days), and keep an eye out for those badass shoes herunterladen!

Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,