Respect. It Could Save Your Life.

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Aug 292010

We all know the biker world is all about respect.  You give it, you get it… and when you are disrespectful is when you have a problem.  However, disrespect means different things to different people around the world minecraft hack herunterladen.  How about this story straight out of the Moscow News.



Bikers rally round after brutal Siberian slaying

by Andy Potts at 27/08/2010 11:28

A biker’s charred remains, exhumed from a makeshift tomb by a remote Siberian road, mark the end of one man’s mission to travel the length of Russia kinotrailer for free.

Police believe a refusal to sit and drink vodka with fellow travelers cost Alexei Barsukov his life as he tackled his epic ride to Vladivostok from his home near Nizhny Novgorod indesign gratis herunterladen.

And the case highlights the speed with which a perceived slight can turn into a violent argument, with failing to share a drink being interpreted as a lack of respect and provoking an attack powerpoint für xp kostenlos download chip.

Café dispute

Barsukov, 36, was shot in the back of the head on Aug. 15, when he left the Zabaikalsk Region city of Mogocha on the Chita-Khabarovsk highway, Interfax reported canon mx475 treiber software herunterladen.

Another biker described what happened that evening on the Easy Rider forum.

“Alexei did not want to drink with these bastards, but sat and prepared for a night in a tent by the roadside,” he wrote herunterladen. “He was shot while I was sitting, in the back of the head. Death was instantaneous.”

According to the biker the killer was tracked down after he started making phone calls using his victim’s SIM card download deep web.


The alleged killer, who had apparently been seen in local villages drunk and boasting of his crime, has admitted shooting Barsukov and hiding the body in the woods chip microsoft office 2010 download free full german.

But it took a volunteer effort to find his badly burned body, Radio Lemma reported, with the local biker community scouring the roadsides and eventually finding Barsukov’s remains 300m from the highway musik und videos kostenlos herunterladen.

Oleg Schultz, one of the bikers, said that it was left to volunteers to preserve the crime scene and alert police to the murder.

Meanwhile, newsru quoted investigators confirming the arrest of two men on Aug gratis avast downloaden. 26 on suspicion of murder and witnessing a crime.

Police say the suspect told them he buried the body then returned a few days later to try to burn it. He also led officers to the place where he burned the corpse, where forensic experts found a few fragments of the skull.