Bring Your Beemer to Dinner

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Mar 222010

Warning: Viral Video… enjoy.

Apr 122009

OK readers, here is an interesting opportunity for you.  I am a die hard Harley guy and I know most of my readers fall into this category, however, we do have readers from other breeds and we have a lot of very smart and creative folks on here regardless of what kind of sled they have parked in the garage.  If you are into industrial design, the mechanics of the motorcycle, or just love all things two wheels and always wanted to give your input, get a hold of BMW.  They are currently looking for insights into the hot new trends that will be coming down the road and they want help in designing a new bike that will fill the needs of tomorrow’s riders.  Here is the press release:

Motorcycle, scooter, moped riders and enthusiasts: We want your ideas! 

What will be the perfect motor bike of the future?  What features should it have, how much would it cost and who would buy it?

What will be the next exciting trend in motor bikes that will fascinate the youth of tomorrow?

We are looking for unique, breakthrough products and services for the future of motorcycles, scooters, mopeds or the like vehicles.  The solutions should embody innovative technology, passion and modern lifestyle.

What mobility function would it serve?  Which trends should be integrated: leisure, fun, travel, business, style, ecology, economy? 

Break free from common conceptions and let your imagination fly!  Take part in developing the future of the motorcycle and set new benchmarks for technology, propulsion type, materials, services, design and overall concept. 

Describe your personal vision, your two wheeled motorized dream. 

The evaluation criteria will focus on ideas and designs that take into account cultural and technical trends:

  • Address defined buyer or customer groups;

  • Are creative and yet functional;

  • Are feasible for manufacturing.

For more information and to submit your ideas, visit the 2009 BMW Motorrad Innovation Contest website.


Love, Respect, and Design Hard,


New Biker Shows For Sport/Touring Enthusiasts

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Dec 152008

Is Sport Motorcycling your thing?  Does just the thought of a rigid make your kidneys hurt?  Well then, perhaps you will dig this series that is going to air on the Discovery HD Theatre.  “Twist the Throttle” is an eight-part documentary that takes a look into the major manufacturers of sport/sport touring motorcycles.  While the series has been available on-line, “Twist the Throttle” will start airing on televisions in the USA in January 2009. Here are the airdates, so mark them on your calendar.


Monday, January 5th, 10 pm: Honda

Monday, January 12th, 10 pm: Ducati

Monday, January 19th, 10 pm: BMW

Monday, January 26th, 10 pm: Kawasaki

Monday, February 2nd, 10 pm: Suzuki

Monday, February 9th, 10 pm: MV Agusta

Monday, February 16th, 10 pm: Bimota/Alpinestars

Monday, February 23rd, 10 pm: Yamaha


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,


BMW Lo Rider Concept Bike

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Nov 202008



I love the Ducati Monster, and the newest model takes my breath away.  In fact, I already told you this in an earlier Blog about my list of dream bikes for the garage.  But, with all dreams and all lists, things change.  The question now is could I also love a BMW?  Sure, old Beamers have a nostalgia about them that I dig, and if I were in the market for an adventure-touring bike, BMW might be a place I would start looking.  Heck, I have even come to embrace some of the off the wall styling that they consider “cruiser.”  However, they may have just hit the nail on the head with their new concept bike, the Lo Rider.

This new, naked machine is a direct contender for the Duck.  It is bare bones and shows off the frame and the trademark Boxer motor.  It may not be quite as sexy as the Monster, but it does something that the Ducati doesn’t, it is ultimately customizable.

Yes, BMW seems to have taken a page from the Harley Handbook and is looking to create a bike that can then be recreated over and over by each owner to fit his or her specific desires.  Seat, handlebars, headlight, and exhaust can be changed with other items to personalize the look and feel of the bike.  Plus, and probably most exciting, the seat, handlebar, and foot peg positions can all be changed easily to fine tune or dramatically change the riding position!  Cool idea to be able to move your foot pegs from a center position to forward and vice versa, talk about custom.

While the Lo Rider is still a concept vehicle it might not be that far off in motorcycling’s future.  At the Milan show where the vehicle was unveiled, BMW Motorrad’s General Director stated that this bike would take less than the usual 36 months to create since BMW already has many of the components necessary for this new model.  One can only hope!  I suppose we will have to wait and see about that list… changes could be possible.


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,