Fine Art Fridays: Derek Kinzett

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Nov 202009


Contemporary Artist Derek Kinzett was born in 1966, and spent his childhood living in Doddington Park, Gloucestershire.  Derek moved with his family to Wiltshire in 1977, and completed his Diploma in Art & Design in 1984, majoring in sculpture and three-dimensional design musik aus facebook videos downloaden. In 2004 he launched ‘The Inner Spirit Collection’ of wire sculptures, which has continued to grow in size and content.

Derek’s work has gained recognition and respect for its intricacy and detail, receiving commissions from clients such as and Tim Green of the Tate Gallery, Lord Ethan Stewart and the actor Nicolas Cage herunterladen.


I am not sure if Cage commissioned the sculpture of the Harley, but it sure is an amazing piece of work.  This little baby is a life-sized replica made mostly of chicken wire youtube to mp3 converter for free.

Derek has recently concluded his term as the Artist in Residence at Newstead Abbey in Nottingham, completing four specially commissioned wire sculptures for the Abbey’s Rose Garden bebas font.

Check out more on Derek’s website:

Love, Respect, and Fine Art,


Ps- I have tried over and over to watch this clip showcasing Kinzett’s work… I finally made it through the entire 4 minutes and 23 seconds by shutting the sound off my computer… not saying you have to, just saying…