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Jun 292010

Well, as you know, I have purchased a Nightster for my little lady and she LOVES it!  You also may know that for years I have been saying that for my 40th birthday, I would buy myself a bagger.  Well my 40th came and went earlier this month and I did not rush out to a dealership to purchase a new set of wheels.  But fear not good friends, because I still may do it libreoffice calc.  The family is in a state of flux from trying (and miserably failing) to sell our home and move into new diggs with less taxes and more land.  The Panhead is on its way back from North Carolina in a week or so and the sidecar rig is getting ready to get back on the road.  So it is not like I can complain about bikes.

But I do want that bagger.

The sidecar rig was purchased for the girls to ride in and it will probably stay in the stable for a little while ard sendungen herunterladen.  It is a freakin’ blast and the girls do love it.  I plan to keep the sidecar until my youngest is 5 which gives the little Yamaha XS another two years at our home as she sits.  Who knows, we may keep her around as is, or we might chop her like so many of those other bad ass XS’ out there.  But as our girls grow up and get old enough to hop onto the back of a two wheeled machine, it would be nice to have a rig big enough to take them anywhere Download apps iphone 6.  And since neither the Pan nor Nightster even have a passenger seat, we are running low on options.  (yes, I know the Nightster has a passenger pad available… don’t muck with my reasoning!  Plus, that is my Ol’ Lady’s Sled.)

And it is not like the Deuce doesn’t have a sissybar… but it really isn’t a touring rig lg tv apps herunterladen.  And with the Pan as my daily driver, I could really use something for longer runs to Sturgis, Daytona, Laughlin, Laconia, etc… So, I will most likely be putting my beautiful Deuce up for sale to free up space in the garage as well as get together a couple bucks to pay the Motor Company (funny thing… they want a lot of money for these things… still!).  It is a sad thing, but seriously, the Deuce has done me well; getting me through cancer, taking my beautiful bride and myself to Sturgis for our honeymoon, and giving me nearly 50k miles of pure pleasure on the open roads of this fine country herunterladen.  I am not getting younger and my little girls are getting older.  In another six months my oldest will be 5 and legally able to ride on the back of a bike with me… whoa… can that be right?  Is she going to be 5?!?!?  Damn.

But I digress… I actually just sat down at the computer to tell you that the new 2011 Harley Models will be introduced on July 27th download ps4 design.  That is a Tuesday… call in sick and spend your time on-line browsing to find out what is actually going to happen.  I have seen the 2011 colors and there are some nice ones.  But they did not bring back the Jade Sunglo Pearl that I pine for… so it really doesn’t matter to me.  Black is good.

I hear there may be a new CVO model and I lust over the current (2010) CVO Street Glide in “Spiced Rum” (which is rich, Harley speak for Root Beer) herunterladen.  But at 30k I might just as well get the CVO Ultra with all the bells and whistles in bad ass “Crimson Mist Slate and Dark Black” (black and gray with red pinstriped flames to us simple folk).  Hell, that one comes with the quick detach touring pack and is ONLY 36k.  But for this kind of scratch, you can bet your ass I would wait to see what the new model (if any) looks like herunterladen.

But, alas, I am certainly no better off financially than any of you and something like that is just a pipe dream… so I am back to the regular Street Glide and Road Glide models… I just can’t decide.  I also am interested to see if the models change for 2011.  Plus, there have been rumors of a water cooled touring rig coming out.  Don’t know if that is true or not, but if I was Harley, I would come out with a bagger based on the V-Rod platform Download mp3 title for free.

Now before you go throwing rocks at me and spitting on my freshly waxed ride, hear me out.  Over the years the V-Rod has grown on me.  I don’t own one, don’t want to own one, and have actually never ridden one.  But I have seen a few custom baggers made out of them over the last year or two and I can tell you that a couple of them look pretty freakin’ good download bag addresses.  And with all that brute power behind you, it might just make an amazing touring rig.

Ok, I seem to have lost focus again and am getting all over the place here.  Point is this.  The new models will be released in a month.  Put it on your calendar, have a BBQ, get the guys over to the garage, whatever… just be ready to check it all out and then come back to ArtBiker World to discuss.

Talk you you on July 27th.

Love, Respect, and New Bikes,