Feb 102011

Let us pause for a moment to think about being in the wind…


That was nice…

Funny thing is this; I love nothing more than to be on my bike, running down a road (straight, twisty, hot, cold, deserted, crowded, don’t matter), wind in my hair (or on my helmet), smile on my face, and bugs in my teeth.

So what is the funny part?  Funny part is I really hate the wind.  I know it sounds silly, but the wind you “make” on the bike is totally different than the wind one experiences while walking to the mailbox or sitting at a stoplight.  Nah, that kind of wind really ticks me off.

Now, as I said, I don’t mind the wind in my face, but on long trips I sure do like the idea of a small windscreen.  I am not a fan of anything so tall that I have to look “through” it.  I do, however, like a little something to keep the wind off my upper body, allowing me to put 600+ miles on easily in a day on a bike that was never intended for “touring.”

My Ol’ Lady is the same.  I recently got her a Nightster and the first thing she wanted on it was a small fairing or windshield.  We were going to go with an FXR style screen, which I think always looks good, but with her mini-apes she wanted something, that would flow a bit better and disappear.

Well, we used the aftermarket shield she had on her old bike as much for convenience as for saving a little cash.  However, now there is a new shield out that looks amazing!

The new Gladiator™ Windshield from National Cycle can adjust in any position and will never break or ding.  Plus, it looks great on your XL, FX, and even FL. The mounting bracket on this unique windshield provides a clean appearance that impeccably melds into the Harley’s handlebar set-up. National Cycle’s engineers achieved this by attaching the bracket directly to the top clamp, leaving the bike’s handlebars and forks uncluttered.  The fully adjustable mounting bracket implements a patented DualPivot™ action for almost infinite positioning options to fit any rider in any condition.  It only takes a simple 7/16” wrench to position the shield. The Gladiator windshield removes all mount brackets from the forks and handlebars! Specifically for the XL Nightster the black wrinkle finish makes the mount blend seamlessly with your bike.

The stealth shape of the windscreen looks great on custom or bare bones stock and is constructed from Lexan® polycarbonate, hard coated with FMR for scratch resistance. There is a 3-Year Warranty against breakage and you can order in either a dark or light tint, selling for $219.95 – $249.95 depending on model and clamp finish.

Now, the price may be a touch of a shocker for ya… I know it was for me.  However, when I consider that we are still using the old windscreen on my gal’s new sled, I realize how long we would have one of these babies around.  When you think of it that way, and consider the longevity of the materials, the price really isn’t all that bad.

Besides, I would pay just about anything to get that damn wind to stop blowing on me.

Love, Respect, and Wind at Your Back,