Cyber Monday – Call Me

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Nov 282011
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Make an order… Make someone happy… Make yourself feel good…


How’s that for a sales pitch? whatsapp statusmeldungen downloaden?


LoL… seriously though, give a shout with your wildest leather dreams… Everything from Motorcycle Seats to Gimp Gear (hey, there is a market for that, ya know) cewe fotobuch software herunterladen.


Hope your Thanksgiving was good and hope your day back to work today is manageable.






Sep 112010

Can you believe it? farm frenzy download vollversion kostenlos?  ArtBiker is making Custom Belts!  Yes friends, ArtBiker has been tooling leather for many years and was recently asked to make some custom belts for a local Motorcycle Club download minigolf for free german.  Once he did, the demand took off!  Now you can have a custom made belt too.  Just about anything is possible so dream big and get with ArtBiker to place your order libreoffice calc.  All the important info is below.

Love, Respect, and Custom Belts!

The ArtBiker Team


Sizes Available:

2” – For Big Boys and Bad Asses!  Up to 42” waist – $70

2” – For Big Boys and Bad Asses!  Up to 43” – 60” waist – $85

1 ¾” – For Tough Guys!  Up to 42” waist – $65

1 ¾” – For Tough Guys!  Up to 43” – 60” waist – $80

1 ½” – Our most popular size – Great for Everyone!  Up to 42” waist – $60

1 ½” – Our most popular size – Great for Everyone!  Up to 43” – 60” waist – $75

1 ¼” – Tough Chicks and Nicer Pants!  Up to 42” waist – $60

1 ¼” – Tough Chicks and Nicer Pants!  Up to 43” – 60” waist – $75

1” – For the Kiddos Big and Small!  Up to 42” waist – $50

**** Patch Holders – 10% off

**** Active Military – 10% off

Prices Include:

Handmade Custom Belt

Custom Embossing

Hand Painted Letters – with or without outline (your choice)

Extras available:

Belt Borders (painted or stamped) approx ard sendungen herunterladen. $10

Riveted Borders approx. $20

Custom Graphic Tooling (have a specific logo or design?  Send it over and let’s see

what we can work out) Download apps iphone 6. Priced according to complexity of work.

Belt Colors Available:

Coal Black, Bison Brown (Dark Brown), Timber Brown (Light Brown), Range Tan (Light Tan), Sunburst, Oxblood, Red, Yellow, White, Blue, Green, and Others (available upon request)

Letter Colors Available:

White, Brown, Black, Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Violet, Yellow, Orange, Oxblood, and Tan

Metallics (add $5) – Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum

Our belts are the finest hand-tooled quality around, and they are American Leather sold by American Vendors.  The leather is 8-10 ounces in weight, which is much sturdier than belts sold in stores (about 5 ounces).  The extra weight ensures that your belt will last and is heavy enough for any buckle, tool, gadget, or holster you might want to hang on it lg tv apps herunterladen.

Our belts come without buckles because you know you want to add your own touch!  However, if you need a cheap buckle to get you through just let us know.  For $5 we can hook you up with a stand-in buckle until you find just the right one.  May we suggest that you check out one of ArtBiker’s personal favorites herunterladen?



When Ordering, Please Remember to Include:

Your Correct BELT Size (use the Sizing Chart below) – including “Waist” Size, “Fold to Hole” Length, and “Buckle” length download ps4 design.

Custom Words or Phrase you would like embossed (we will print anything!)

Specify custom stamps you would like and where you would like them placed

Desired Belt Color

Desired Letter Color

Desired Outline Color (If Applicable)

Any “Extras” you might desire (borders, rivets, metallic paints/dyes, custom logos, etc.)

Also, please remember that each belt is completely Hand Made.  We have a normal turn around time of about three weeks, but it could take up to six weeks to complete your order depending on workload and the size/complexity of your order herunterladen.

Shipping in the continental USA is $5.99 (for up to six belts).  For large orders or international shipping rates, please contact ArtBiker directly herunterladen.


Proper Belt Sizing:

Using the above image as a guide, put on your favorite belt and note which hole you usually use for a comfortable fit.  Now, measure from that hole to the tip of your buckle (or wherever your buckle and belt meet at the hole).  Round this to the nearest ¼ inch.  This measurement will be used to create the third hole in your belt (the “waist” size) and will ensure the text on your belt will be centered when you wear it.  Now, measure from the hole you used to the fold in the belt that holds your buckle.  This number is the “Fold to Hole” Length (or FH Length).  Finally, measure the distance from the fold that holds your buckle to the tip of the hook or pin that fits into your belt hold.  This number is the “Buckle” Length (or B Length).  If you add the B Lenght and the FH Length together, you should have the same number you found when measuring the Waist Size of the belt.  Please double check these numbers as it will help us to center your text and ensure that your belt is a fantastic fit.

ArtBiker’s Custom Belts is not responsible for errors on orders made by the customer… So be sure belt size, color choices, and spelling are correct before you submit.  We will make the belt EXACTLY as you specify, so please double and triple check your order before sending.