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Jan 222009

Three members of the Mongols M/C and one prospect have been sentenced in the non-fatal shooting of suspected Hells Angel M/C member, Robert Thompson in Old Town Eureka last November dart kostenlosen vollversion. 

Eric Gunner Lundin, 28, was sentenced to three years with felony charges of assault with a firearm and participating in a street gang gestört aber geil zwei album kostenlos downloaden.  Dustin Liebes, 36-year old President of the area Mongols, and Eric Garcia each received a year in jail with five years probation for participation in a street gang herunterladen. 

26-year old, Brad Miller, is the alleged prospect who pleaded guilty to accessory to a felony after the fact and received 180 days in jail fortnite original herunterladen.  Miller denies attempting to gain entry to the Mongols Motorcycle Club.

It has been reported that there is evidence that Thompson fired a weapon during the altercation and may have indeed fired first navigationssoftware download kostenlos für auto.  At this time the investigation is ongoing and there are no plans to charge Thompson as a felon in possession of a firearm.

The four men are currently in the Humboldt County Jail downloaden alleen via wifi.

More news as it becomes available.


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