Oct 272011



Yeah, we all have watched the OCC Boys in American Chopper at least once or twice the past 8 years or so… I watched religiously when it first aired, and lost interest once the drama became… well… drama.


I was a bigger fan of the Biker Build Off series that was more than likely sparked by Jesse James’ debut on the Discovery Channel with Motorcycle Mania…


Anyway, we have an interesting head to head coming up on American Chopper between Paul Jr., Paul Sr., and Mr. Jesse James… This might actually get me to park my ass on the couch for an hour.


December 5th will air with the “build-off” happening.  The December 6th show will air live from Vegas as the bikes are debuted and voted upon.  A winner will be announced and who knows what will happen.  The show has never been live before, so this could be interesting.  The shows both air at 9pm Eastern.

If you watch, let me know what you think.  I will be sure to catch it on the computer at some point, as we no longer have cable.  Hey, it’s gas and spark plugs or cable… what would you choose?







update:  Behind the scenes…  looks like Cole Foster is a hired hand… he is in Austin with Jesse now working on the bike… I wonder if I tooled over there this weekend if I could get a sneak peak…

Oct 162010

I suppose it is official… Mr. Jesse James has closed the doors of West Coast Choppers.  Word on the street was that he was selling so much of his equipment that other industry types were half expecting it.  Plus, with his move to Austin a few years ago and his time invested in the Austin Speed Shop, at least he has a place to go.  He will not disappear, I am sure.  Friends have hung out with him at the Speed Shop parties and have very much enjoyed his enthusiasm for our little state capitol…  Damn, at least the freakin’ humidity there is not what it is here in Houston.

Anyway, long story short, the West Coast Chopper brand of parts will still be available to purchase and they will still be produced.  You will now get your parts from a local Custom Chrome Dealer.  Daytec, a fantastic company by the way, will be making the WCC frames.  Other hard parts will be made by the boys over at BDL (Belt Drive Ltd.)… another favorite for many of us.

As for his personal life, I really can’t say.  He hasn’t told me.  Last I heard was something about him being with tattoo artist Kat Von D.  But I can’t tell you if that is true or not.  According to the web site of celebrity TV show TMZ (god I hate that show), Kat picked Jesse up at the airport early this month.  Hmmm… whatever.

So there it is… look for the new Custom Chrome Catalog soon and if you have been pining away for some WCC swag, you can still get it.

Love, Respect, and Austin is the new West Coast Baby!


Where Would I Rather Be Right Now…

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Nov 142009

At the No Love Party, of course…

Send me pics, send me updates, and have a drink for me…




Jesse James, He's Our Man…

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Apr 202009

Way to go Brotha’… we all knew you had it in you.  Watching the Celebrity Apprentice tonight was great for a couple reasons… first, Jesse James was the project manager for the first time, and yes, he kicked ass… He did fold to the chick that plays poker for a living (Annie something…) about the food selection, but to her credit, she did say, “I am the perfect woman, I can cook, I work hard, and I give a great blow job.”  And she is not that hard on the eyes.

Speaking of looking… Can’t quite decide if Donald’s daughter is really hot or just kind of odd looking.  The only thing I am sure of is that Joan Rivers is a total bitch and I really think she and her stank daughter should shrink back under their little QVC rock and just leave the rest of the world alone.  Talk about trying to be a celebrity by proximity.

Anyway, enough of that babble.  For anyone going to Jesse’s shin dig next weekend in Austin, say hello and congratulate him for me.  I have family coming into town and won’t be able to make it, but know it will be a great party.  Way to go Jesse.





Hope You Bought Your WCC Parts Last Month

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Mar 142009

This is a press release from Jesse James and the crew at West Coast Choppers.  We will most likely see him next month and will be sure to talk to him about it, but it will be a bit of a party and business will certainly take a back seat.





“In an effort to focus 100% of our talent, facilities and resources on manufacturing the worlds finest motorcycles. Effective immediately West Coast Choppers will no longer sell parts to the public. Effective 3/13/09 all orders and Po’s will be canceled. With exception to orders that were prepaid. These will be filled in a timely fashion. El Diablo’s, CFL’s, and Dominators will all be available as complete motorcycles only. WCC will also continue to customize Harley Davidson’s on a limited basis for select dealerships.

“Jesse James is back to building motorcycles at West Coast Choppers”. I will have my hands on every motorcycle ordered.  West Coast Choppers will continue to lead the way by focusing on customer service and superior quality. Thank you for your business and continued support” Jesse James, West Coast Choppers, 718 W. Anaheim St, Long Beach Ca. 90813. (562)983-6666