Nov 032010

Huh download terraria 1.3 for free?

Yeah, that is probably the correct response in this case.  I remember how HUGE KISS was when I was a kid… I would have stomped puppies to see them in concert.  Then they went away Download free youtube app. Then they came back and they came back barefaced… bad idea… they went away. Then they came back fully made up… better idea because it hides just how freakin’ old they all are now.  But hey, so are some of their fans panorama images.

But KISS is on the prowl and rearing to be the next, next, old big thing again… Heck, they even played Sturgis a few years ago.

It started out with my post about the new KISS Scooter… seriously… a KISS Scooter… check it out here philips smart tv apps herunterladen.

And now, taking their fans old bones into consideration, KISS is putting their name and faces all over a new television… yes… a television.  “KISS is on the cutting edge of technology with these two new modern and elegant KISS LED HDTV designs,” says Janet Dwoskin, Executive Director of Licensing for Live Nation Merchandise,

Reportedly with design direction from KISS, the two newly designed KISS LED HDTV’s will be available in 32, 42 and 46-inch sizes herunterladen. One has a traditional chassis and a KISS logo that appears on the TV screen at start up. The other will include the KISS logo at the bottom of the chassis and will feature a close-up image of the members of KISS at start up audiobooks free download for free.

“These new lines of HDTV’s will appeal to a broader base of fans … as we continue to grow and diversify our KISS product offerings,” said Frank Weir of Roundtable Concepts, “KISS has one of the most die-hard fan bases in the world and we enjoy bringing them first-of-a-kind products.“

Ok, so that is odd… but what about the bike at the top of the post?  Well, in order to launch the new HDTV’s, Roundtable Concepts has decided to give away a KISS themed chopper Download word document for free.

Being called the KISS Kustom Chopper Silver Edition, according to the giveaway’s website, the motorcycle is being built and will be signed by the famous rock band before handed over to the winner at Daytona Bike Week 2011.  However, I have no idea who is actually building it download schlaukopf for free.

If you happen to be a huge fan, and you happen to buy one of these TVs, let me know how it works for ya.

Love Gun, Respect, and Rocket Ride,