Harrah's Incident Update : Hells Angel Sentenced

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Mar 082009

Frederick Donahue of Rodeo, California had been a fugitive for six years download the spreadsheet for free.  He recently turned himself in to Las Vegas Police in July of 2008 for his involvement in the fatal casino shootout during the 2002 Laughlin River Run panasonic viera apps.  Donahue, a Hells Angels member, has been sentenced to 30 months in federal lockup.  He is the seventh Hells Angel member to be sentenced adobe reader pro.  Six Mongols MC Members were also sentenced in relation to this incident.  All sentences ranged from 30 months to about five years windows 10 free.  You will probably recall the incident at Harrah’s that left three dead and others wounded.




Mongols in the News

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Jan 222009

Three members of the Mongols M/C and one prospect have been sentenced in the non-fatal shooting of suspected Hells Angel M/C member, Robert Thompson in Old Town Eureka last November dart kostenlosen vollversion. 

Eric Gunner Lundin, 28, was sentenced to three years with felony charges of assault with a firearm and participating in a street gang gestört aber geil zwei album kostenlos downloaden.  Dustin Liebes, 36-year old President of the area Mongols, and Eric Garcia each received a year in jail with five years probation for participation in a street gang herunterladen. 

26-year old, Brad Miller, is the alleged prospect who pleaded guilty to accessory to a felony after the fact and received 180 days in jail fortnite original herunterladen.  Miller denies attempting to gain entry to the Mongols Motorcycle Club.

It has been reported that there is evidence that Thompson fired a weapon during the altercation and may have indeed fired first navigationssoftware download kostenlos für auto.  At this time the investigation is ongoing and there are no plans to charge Thompson as a felon in possession of a firearm.

The four men are currently in the Humboldt County Jail downloaden alleen via wifi.

More news as it becomes available.


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,


The Biker Wedding That Went South (what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?)

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Dec 222008

Just got the update on the wedding situation last weekend gangstar vegas herunterladen für android.  It seems that there was a Hells Angels wedding going on at “A Special Memory Wedding Chapel.”  As we all know, weddings are booked back to back in Vegas Christmas pictures for free.  Well, a Mongol and his fiancé were walking into the chapel just as the Angels were wrapping up their ceremony.

The Mongol groom was stabbed three times in the stomach and his best man was also stabbed herunterladen.  “We were friggen attacked, and we defended ourselves the best we could. It’s real hard to do when you’re outnumbered that bad, but that’s all right how to download an app. Mongol on,” he said Sunday afternoon, after being released from surgery.

The Mongol, who’s identity is being kept private at the time, wants everyone to know that he was not looking for a fight, but just wanted to get married ps4 hintergrundbilder herunterladen.  Metro police are still looking for suspects and no info on arrests have been released. 

I will keep you posted, and will have the video if it becomes available download new android software.  Have a safe and conflict free holiday.


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Mongols Video – First Person: bikers Lay blame as club fails

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Oct 242008
lol for free

This video has just hit the web… an interview with Roger Pinney, former Mongols President, and Tony “Snake” Vodnik, former club member inventor kostenlos herunterladen.  Both lay blame on Ruben “Doc” Cavazos for the fall of the Mongols Motorcycle Club.



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Oct 232008

Well, I can hardly believe my ears or my eyes, but the seemingly impossible has happened herunterladen.  On Wednesday, US District Court Judge Florence-Marie Cooper barred the Mongols Motorcycle Club from wearing, distributing, or licensing the clubs logo (colors) herunterladen.  US Attorney Steven Welk stated that authorities might seize any vest or jacket worn by a club member, family member, or supporter.  Not only that, but all members and affiliates may be forced to surrender all products bearing the Mongols trademark, including vehicles, motorcycles, club houses, and other items winzip testversion kostenlos herunterladen.

Attorney Douglas Mirell, a specialist in First Amendment cases, was quoted by the Associated Press as saying, “Here you have the government stepping in and preventing a rights holder of using the (trade) mark they legally obtained asphalt 8 airborne.  It strikes me as a serious potential First Amendment violation to have the government come in and attempt to, and in this case exceed, stripping lawfully obtained rights.”

According to Portfolio Magazine, the trademark and intellectual property rights of the not-for-profit Mongol Nation were recently transferred to another company by the name Shotgun Productions in California fortnite free download ps4.  This may make the seizure of the trademark more difficult than first thought by the Federal Prosecutor.

So far, 44 defendants have appeared in court and each of them has pled not guilty media player for free.  


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,