SLC Punk… er… Skaters… er… Bolts Action!!!

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May 162011

Second Birthday Party gta 5 spiel kostenlos herunterladen! While I don’t have the pleasure of knowing these guys personally, I certainly know who they are…. even posted their amazing Earth Day video for you to enjoy… they seem like my kind of cats…


If you are in the area, this seems like it would be a really great trip herunterladen.  Reminds me of strapping my deck to the back of my bike and rolling all over Albuquerque, NM in search of the best ditches to skate.  Later, I graduated to Arizona where I tooled the back roads looking for empty pools… Skateboards and Motorcycles… they will always be linked herunterladen.






Apr 172011

In light of my previous post about attending a biker funeral and having snapshots taken of practically everyone there by a certain, national law enforcement/investigation type agency, I thought the below article was refreshing.

I used to live in Bellingham, Washington and know full well the effects of certain law officer’s tactics.  I would also be interested to see and re-post the video that Burns put up on youtube a few years back… if you know where to find it, please send me a note amazon prime app für windows 10 herunterladen.


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,



******* UPDATE******


Tacoma Twitch sent me a note to let me know this personal YouTube address.  The video mentioned below can be seen here and many more are available on his channel.  Thank you very much Twitch!


VANCOUVER, Wash download movies from 3sat mediathek. — Bikers will have something to celebrate at today’s Motorcycle Mountain Jam in Clark County: Gov. Chris Gregoire has signed into law a bill that outlaws profiling of motorcyclists by state troopers and local law enforcement officers.

Engrossed Senate Bill 5242, which prohibits singling out bikers for police stops without a legitimate reason, passed both legislative chambers unanimously and was signed by the governor Wednesday einzelne songs auf spotify herunterladen.

A similar bill in the 2010 Legislature passed the House decisively but ran out of time in the state Senate.

The new law is modeled on a 2002 state law outlawing racial profiling by police, and it includes similar safeguards. It requires the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs and the Criminal Justice Training Commission to add a statement condemning motorcycle profiling to their existing policies banning racial profiling route planner google maps free auto download.

Motorcycle profiling is defined as when law enforcement officers single out people who ride motorcycles or wear biker garb, stopping, questioning, searching or arresting them without legal grounds.

Motorcycle enthusiasts presented compelling evidence to legislators, including a video of a state trooper crawling through bushes near the Legislative Building in Olympia two years ago and writing down motorcycle license numbers while bikers were holding a rally herunterladen.

Jeff “Twitch” Burns, a member of a Tacoma-area motorcycle club, has produced an 86-minute video documenting the emergency of the anti-profiling movement. “It chronicles our growth and how it developed between the independent motorcycle community and the club community,” he said.

Burns said he has been stopped repeatedly for wearing motorcycle paraphernalia wo hörspiele für toniebox herunterladen.

“As soon as you are stopped, officers don’t treat you like a normal person,” he said. “They search you, they ask you about your tattoos, they try to take pictures of your tattoos. They ask you about your motorcycle club and its affiliation with other motorcycle clubs.”

Burns has posted a YouTube video from 2008 showing a state trooper pulling over a biker in Thurston County for no apparent reason and ordering him to remove his helmet directly from youtube. When the biker refused, he was arrested.

“We have been instructed by our attorneys not to remove our helmets,” Burns said. “There is no statutory basis for that. As a result of that arrest, the Washington State Patrol was forced to pay the motorcyclist $90,000.”

Burns’ brother, Dave Devereaux, whose handle is DD, testified in Olympia about the need for the bill last year and again this year herunterladen. He said many lawmakers were unaware of the problem until he showed video of the 2009 rally at the Capital, which drew more than 100 motorcyclists.

“We captured a state trooper crawling through the bushes writing down the license number of every motorcycle,” he said.

Also in 2009, a state trooper involved in a profiling case admitted to using a Washington State Patrol “Basic Biker 101” manual that had been banned years earlier, Devereaux said melodie download.

“We could prove law enforcement was continuing to promote discriminatory tactics,” he said.

Attitudes toward bikers and biker clubs are changing in Olympia and elsewhere, Devereaux said. “In 2010, there was such a massive amount of law enforcement when we arrived that we had to walk through a gantlet. In 2011, they had completely changed their tactics.”

“My hopes are high,” he said google fotosen windows 10. “I don’t think it’s going to completely solve the problem, but it provides the necessary training and clarifies the definition of what motorcycle profiling is.”


Mar 212011

Dear Readers,


A very good friend of mine, Sam Allen, has begun an extensive project documenting Route 66 from a biker’s perspective.  HE NEEDS YOUR HELP.  He would like to list any motorcycle club, shop, hang out, bar, outlet, gathering space, or biker friendly business that lies on Route 66.  The listing is FREE as he is really just trying to create the best motorcycle guide ever for the Mother Road of America.  Be sure to include pictures download samsung smart tv new app!


Please, if you can help out with information, get a hold of Sam at the address below.  If you can’t help out directly, but have an e-mail list or blog that you could put this onto, please do so.  I know he will really appreciate it and I know the guide is going to be an amazing resource for all of the biking community fonds herunterladen.


Sam has been traveling Route 66 for over 20 years and has assembled a team of experts in web design, graphic arts and computer based map making with the knowledge and experience needed to create the most comprehensive web-based Route 66 information center for motorcycle riders and others with an adventurous spirit whatsapp can't download anything. Hey, there is even talk of yours truly stepping up to photograph and help with the project!  I am both flattered and honored.




If you live on Route 66, Sam would like to meet you to hear your Route 66 stories


If you have a Route 66 business, belong to a motorcycle club from a Route 66 town or sponsor a motorcycle rally along Route 66, Sam would like to include you on


If you operate a Route 66 museum, are a member of a Route 66 Historical Society or are a member of the Chamber of Commerce in a Route 66 town, Sam would like to get your Route 66 history


Contact Sam directly at and leave your contact information.  He will get a hold of you ASAP videos from sat1 mediathek.



Thanks for any help you can provide this project.


Love and Respect,







So Who Is Sam Allen Anyway?  A Brief Bio:


Samuel N whatsapp aktualisieren herunterladen. Allen created and is developing He has led a colorful life that has included fighting in Madison Square Garden, publishing an article in New York Magazine, owning a custom motorcycle shop, practicing law, and founding a motorcycle club.  He is a member of the Iron Butt Association and has been featured in People magazine and NBC Nightly News free music app for iphone without internet.


Find out more about Sam and the Route 66 MC Project by visiting the website:


And contact him directly at:





Biker Weddings

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Oct 012008


Comrade and Big Mamma on their honeymoon trip to Sturgis, SD for the 2003 Rally.


I have been thinking of weddings the past few weeks… my youngest sister is tying the knot and I am going to officiate adobe flash player free for windows 10 german free.  You see, about four years ago I went ahead and became an ordained minister on-line.  Why?  Well it just seemed like the thing to do herunterladen.  Plus, it would allow me to perform weddings for my Brothers, if the situation arose.  As it turns out, they have been more in the market for divorce lawyers than wedding officiants, but that is another story all together download data from elster.

For any of you who have not witnessed a biker style wedding, it is something to see.  There are many varieties, styles, and levels of commitment to the motorcycle culture that can be included whatsapp for free for pc.  From couples who have a passing interest in riding because of recent television exposure who might include some decorative element; to the serious riders and enthusiasts who may tailor the ceremony to their passion, even including motorcycles in the ceremony itself; to the hard-core types whose wedding more closely resembles a club run and binge party than any type of formal, or even organized, ceremony herunterladen.

I suppose the most common ceremony that might be considered a “biker wedding” is either one that takes place at a major rally or motorcycle event or a wedding in which motorcycles play a large part in the ceremony itself herunterladen.  For example, the wedding party often arrives at the venue on their bikes and park on either side of the “aisle.”  The groom and officiant may arrive on their own bikes and await the arrival of the bride to be Download website offline.  She may also arrive by bike.  Whether she arrives by foot or two wheels, the wedding party will rev their engines as she comes down the aisle… the biker version of the wedding march fotocollage programm gratisen.  The officiant will call for the silencing of the engines and begin the ceremony.  The bride and groom almost always use their own vows, rings may be exchanged, and the wedding party lights up the bikes as the new couple finishes the ceremony and takes their first walk (or ride) back up the rows of bikes as husband and wife whatsapp videos weihnachten kostenlos downloaden.

My Ol’ Lady and I had a non-traditional wedding and we spent the following few weeks traveling from Houston to the Dakotas for our annual pilgrimage to Sturgis parallels download kostenlos.  It was a fantastic honeymoon that included a stop in Linton, North Dakota to celebrate Big Mamma’s new last name.

While my little sister does ride, she and her fiancé have planned a beach wedding rather than a biker wedding.  It is going to be beautiful and the whole family is looking forward to getting out of Houston and the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.

Have you or someone you know held a biker wedding?  If so, I would love to hear about it.  I know many of our readers would also be interested.  By the way, if you are interested in having me officiate your wedding, just drop a note to save the date.  And, a quick search for “bike wedding” will give you a few nice websites with great info and ceremony ideas.


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,



photographer unknown


copyright Michael Lichter

Just Married, Sturgis. SD. 1994 : copyright Michael Lichter