Dec 112008

It seems that our friends (?) in Myrtle Beach are working diligently to come to some kind of decision as to the fate of the Harley Spring Rally and the Atlantic Beach Bikefest herunterladen.  Council members met on Tuesday, but were unable to come to a consensus.  They have, however, decided to meet as a small group with a few biker groups to try and resolve some of the issues that are still on the table bluetooth to.

As it stands at this moment, the MB community is still divided.  Many residents are tired of the noise and disruption while many small business owners and tourist venues are worried about the lost of the quarter million people that come in for each event and the gobs of money they leave behind vaillant app herunterladen.

There is a plan that received preliminary approval last month.  The proposal at the moment is a restriction of vendor permits designed to spread the events out over a wider area ballergames for free.  Last year there were 440 permits sold and all vendors were east of the Waccamaw River.  The proposed plan will limit the number of permits to 400 distributed as follows: 200 west of the river, 100 between the river and intercoastal waterway, and 100 east of the waterway homescapes kostenlos downloaden.  Prices east of the river would increase and all vendor permits would be shortened in time.  The Harley rally will have five day permits instead of the usual 10 day, and the Bikefest permits will be reduced from five days to four bilden macbook.   This plan needs two more votes to pass.

As far as I can tell, the noise ordinances are still going to be in affect and the helmet law has not yet been repealed emoticonsen voor whatsapp.


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Nov 252008
Just came across this article from the Myrtle Beach papers… Thought many of our readers would like to see it gratis thriller ebooks downloaden.
Posted on Sun, Nov. 23, 2008

Myrtle Beach may put off helmet law

City wants to hone details before rolling out changes

By Lorena Anderson

Motorcyclists worried about being ticketed for riding without a helmet in Myrtle Beach might have a little longer to ride bare-headed anhang herunterladen iphone.

The City Council on Tuesday will consider a request from city staff members to postpone implementing the rest of the 15 anti-bike-rally ordinances and amendments until late February to give City Manager Tom Leath more time to set up the administrative hearing system that will deal with those citations download fc bayern pictures for free.

Myrtle Beach’s leaders this summer passed the new regulations after years of hearing from residents every May about the traffic, noise, garbage, reckless driving and lewd acts they say typify the two weeks of Harley-Davidson and sport bike rallies every May srf video herunterladen.

Some, like the noise-ordinance amendment, took effect immediately after the council passed them. Others – such as the local helmet law, a juvenile curfew, additional security requirements for local businesses and rules about alcohol sales after 2 a.m youtube app for free. – were scheduled to go into effect Dec. 21.

The city says it can regulate helmets locally because the state Supreme Court has upheld some cities’ smoking bans, which make smoking in public places a civil infraction – similar to the local helmet law – not a criminal act videos from the internet.

Helmet law violators would receive citations and be asked to pay a fine or appear before an administrative law judge.

The city has not advertised for the judgeship position yet, Leath said, but he wanted to have that person in place before the ordinance goes into effect, so he or she could help the city develop the details of the administrative hearing process download samsung smart tv new app.

The city has a full agenda Tuesday, with a public hearing scheduled for people who own commercial property in the downtown redevelopment area to discuss a municipal improvement district to help pay for projects like a milelong boardwalk between First and 14th avenues North fonds herunterladen.

The city is implementing a multipronged funding method, taking out loans, levying assessments on all commercial properties within the municipal improvement district and setting aside a certain percentage of property tax revenue in a tax-increment-financing district to repay debt it will issue when the bond market loosens up whatsapp can't download anything.

The improvement district is designed to raise money to promote the redeveloped downtown, but it’s also going to be used as a backstop until the tax-increment-financing district is bringing in enough money to cover construction bond debt videos from sat1 mediathek. That means the municipal improvement district’s rate can be adjusted to make up the difference between what the tax-increment-financing district brings in and the actual debt obligation.

City staff said the likely assessment would be $2.67 on each $100 of assessed value of commercial property, but depending on the debt needs, could go as high as $5.64 per $100 of assessed value, or as low as $1.50 per $100 of assessed value.

The city plans to raise nearly $20 million to pay for the boardwalk and ocean-outfall pipes to deal with stormwater.

Early Tuesday, council members will also get a demonstration of various vehicles’ decibel levels so they can decide whether to raise the recently approved noise standard from 87 decibels for motorcycles to 89 for all vehicles – a slight difference that could mean far fewer bikers are ticketed come spring.

Council members will listen to a couple of motorcycles, a large truck from public works, a car and maybe a truck from the city fire department, Leath said.

The demonstration begins at 8:30 a.m. at City Hall, before the council’s workshop begins at 9.

Myrtle Beach Update

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Oct 112008

Well, the rally has ended and there are some really interesting results from this year’s Myrtle Beach Fall event download nitrado worlds. 

First and foremost, a lot of riders skirted the city limits of Myrtle Beach all together.  Attendence in town was certainly down, vendors were down, and a lot of local businesses lost the biker’s dollars apps auf dem computer herunterladen.  I believe this had as much, if not more to do with the 15 new laws to curb the bikers vacation as it did the economy and gas prices.

Within the city limits, there were only three tickets issued for sound violations editor pdf downloaden.  It seems the cops were giving the bikers a bit of a grace period and issuing a lot of warnings, but not handing out violations.  It has also been reported by the Myrtle Beach Police Department that there were a total of 17 complaints about sound happy birthday instrumental kostenlos.  This statistic does not tell us whether the complaints were about bikes, cars, trucks, music, or other possible sound nuisances. 

A break down in the numbers from the Mrytle Beach PD reads as follows:

37,125    in overtime pay for police officers

1537       calls for service

368         citations and/or charges

227         people arrested

6             DUIs

26           collisions

1             death

3             stolen motorcycles

Speaking of stolen motorcycles, there was a bust of a chop shop in nearby Andrews herunterladen.  The three men arrested included Martin Grice, a jailer at the Georgetown County Jail, and Patrick Cumbee, an Andrew’s Police Officer herunterladen.  The third man, Dedrick McCray, must have been the misfit of the bunch as he wasn’t involved in law enforcement at all.

All in all, the rally commenced and those that attended had a good time you can download videos from youtube videos.  It is our hope that the MB City Council relaxes a bit and lets the bikers come for a good time.  You and I know that although we all love a good party, we are a good bunch, right ls 15?

As of now, there are three lawsuits against the city in an attempt to prove the new laws unconstitutional.


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,



Oct 012008

I am a little worried about Myrtle Beach… I have been attending the Myrtle Beach Bike Weeks for many, many years now winrar for free.  It was an easy rally to attend, as it would double as a vacation to visit my grandparents who lived there up until last year.  MB was always a rally with a different feel; less riding than Sturgis and Laconia, attractions and landscape similar to Daytona, but with worse traffic, and bikers had their choice of evening entertainment, one of the many strip joints, or a round of mini golf, up to you Download android apps to pc!

The rally has been upsetting locals for many years.  Myrtle Beach is a huge retirement community and makes its primary income from tourism, both spring breakers, and golf devotees mms congstar.  The beachfront properties are huge, plenty, and reasonably priced.  The restaurants and bars are not bad, and the inflated prices could be worse sims 3 student life for free.  Problem is, many locals remember when MB was not such a huge destination, when their streets were a bit quieter and the lines to get into restaurants were shorter download stranded deep for free.  I believe that as the local population continues to age, the relaxed sprit goes by the wayside and folks start complaining more loudly, apparently loud enough to be heard over straight pipes secure plus app download.

This year’s Fall Rally has just started and will run through the end of the week.  New sound ordinances and other “anti-rally” laws have been put into place and will be tested at this much smaller event (the fall rally attracts around 60,000 bikers as opposed to the spring rally’s 300,000) herunterladen.  So far, the police are planning bike checkpoints that will force all traffic to stop while bikes are checked for sound level violations, equipment violations, and licenses, registration and insurance information is confirmed datei aus internet herunterladen.  It may not be too big of a hassle to the 60k riders who are currently rolling into town, but you can bet that when the spring rally rolls up, there will be perpetual gridlock adobe acrobat dc pro download for free.  It will take you all day to get from Barefoot Landing to the Esplanade.  If anything, the rally will have to get longer simply because you can only see half as much in the currently allotted time youtube videos einfach herunterladen.

The rally talks are serious folks and I, for one, will not be surprised to find out that future rallies are cancelled and the event is cut off.  With all the money that the rally brings to the area, locals claim that it is not that far above and beyond a good week of attendance by quiet and well-behaved beachcombers.  Well, I think they will eventually look back on that idea as a huge mistake. 

As of this moment, Myrtle Beach has created 15 new ordinances concerning Bike Week.  The ones that will most likely affect the average attendee are: helmet and eyewear required (only in Myrtle Beach city limits – SC is a no helmet state for anyone over 21); no loud mufflers (over 87 decibels); photo ID required for hotel/accommodation check in as well as ID of all guests per room and of all vehicles in parking lots; no open containers; no trailers parked on public streets; no use of parking lots for non-parking activities; and only two motorcycles allowed per parking space (including metered and pay parking).

The ordinances in combination with a limit placed on vendor licenses has set the stage to phase out the motorcycle events held in this tourist town.  And, some folks are already questioning the ability of the Myrtle Beach City Council to pass such ordinances.  The most obvious problem is the helmet and eyewear ordinance.  South Carolina has no law requiring a helmet for motorcycle riders over the age of 21, and a law firm from Virginia has already filed suit against the city to see if the city law overriding the state law is constitutional.  I would like to think not.

I will do my best to keep you apprised of what is happening in Myrtle Beach this year.  You may also visit the local news website for very valuable info including a full list of new city ordinances (


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe