Pint Size Paintings NYC Exhibition

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Jul 082010

Don’t miss this one-night only event! Over 350 paintings from the world’s largest collection of unique miniature paintings will be on display! Grab your magnifying glasses and get ready to focus on small art with a huge visual impact. Artists from all over the world have been a part of this Pint Size Project, and now is your chance to see it in all its splendor. This is a small window of opportunity so don’t miss your chance to see the Pint Size Paintings exhibition, one night only @ Sacred Gallery NYC, 424 Broadway in Soho NYC

Also available for purchase at the event, “Pint Size Paintings Volume #1; Miniature Paintings By Big Artists”, a 224-page hardcover collection of these miniature masterpieces. Take a piece of history home with you, and take some time to ponder the little things! Show special .00

This is a FREE EVENT!


Event: Pint Size Paintings NYC Exhibition

Start Time: Friday, July 9 at 7:00pm

End Time: Friday, July 9 at 11:00pm

Where: Sacred Gallery NYC * 424 Broadway 2nd Floor * NY, NY 10013

Tattoosday: Friday Jones Opening Sheik Boutique

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Jul 082009

friday_jonesIt’s true, Friday is opening an upscale tattoo studio on 5th Avenue in New York City!  Yup, the same street as Saks is going to be the new home of Celebrity Couture Tattooist Friday Jones’ new shop, Friday Jones Fifth Avenue.  Can’t get any more hip than that!

The new shop promises to combine the “luxury and personal care of ‘couture’ with the artistry and design that comes with getting inked by a specialized tattoo artist.”   The shop will also carry Friday’s very own tattoo product line, Friday Jones Wholesome Tattoo Care.  This new line was created in conjunction with New Jenson of MBI Nutraceuticals and is an advanced formula for nourishing skin that is an all-natural alternative to what is currently on the market.


Friday’s new website,, has a nice little bio on the artist extraordinaire:

“Friday Jones is truly redefining the art of tattoos with the Fifth Avenue introduction of her ‘couture tattoo’ experience in spring 2009. Having worked with clients ranging from Angelina Jolie, Janeane Garofalo, The Neville Brothers, Robbie Williams, Lydia Hearst and Aubrey O’Day – she is known for providing an overall experience that combines fine art, detailed craftsmanship, and personal, as well as spiritual, components that transcend what tattoo art has previously been known to be.

More than a tattoo artist, Friday’s designs continue to win many awards and are showcased in art galleries across the United States. Her art has also been featured on the cover of Robbie Williams’ 2002 Escapology album, as well as The Celtic Warrior Axe designed for Fender-Jackson guitars.

Friday Jones began her journey into tattoo art with an apprenticeship at the prestigious Inksmith & Rogers studios in Florida in the early 1990’s, which she completed while simultaneously earning a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy and Art at Jacksonville University. A member of the National Tattoo Association since 1994, she was selected at the organization’s annual convention in April 2009 as the youngest on a panel of six (along with Ed Hardy) that roasted the legendary San Francisco tattooist Lyle Tuttle (who inked Janis Joplin and is the only tattooist ever to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone).

By opening the first-ever tattoo studio on Fifth Avenue in New York June 2009, Friday Jones continues to transform the art and experience of tattoos.”

Sounds to me like Friday is joining the likes of Brandon Bond, Paul Booth,  and Guy Aitchison & Michelle Wortman in setting up a truly remarkable environment in which to experience the art and act of tattooing.  I look forward to seeing what happens and to checking out her new shop the next time I get back East.  Friday has recently gifted ArtBiker World and the University of Houston- Clear Lake each an original fine art work for their respective collections.  Jones was one of the hand picked artists to take part in the exhibition, “Artists of Permanence: the fine art of the tattooist,” and we are thrilled that she has given such a gracious donation of herself.  Please help us out in supporting Friday and her new shop whenever you are in the area.

Love, Respect, and Tattoo Couture,


Weekend Pass : NYC Still Wants Your Bike, But You Are Not Making It Easy!

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Jan 152009

Good Job Everyone!  Because of a backlash of angry e-mails from motorcyclists and biker advocacy groups, the City Council of New York has rescinded a law that would allow bikes to be ticketed for excessive noise even while parked.  The proposed law has been sent back to be reviewed and revised.

The law is not dead, however, and there is still a chance that it will be put on the books with a confiscation of your bike after a third infraction.  This is an improvement and we might even be able to do better if the e-mails and phone calls keep coming.

For more info on the proposed law, please see my earlier post about NYC taking your bike.


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,



New Bikes Debut In NYC

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Jan 102009

Several new bikes from Ducati, Honda, Vectrix, Vespa and Victory are set to make their world and North American debuts at the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show in New York City, New York.  

Ducati’s new Streetfighter and the 1198S will appear for the first time on the East Coast, while Honda is planning the world debut of its new Fury cruiser.

Electric scooter manufacturer Vectrix will introduce its Vx-1e electric urban commuting model and entry-level Vx-2.

Vespa will present the North American debut of its GTS 300, which the company claims is the fastest stock Vespa sold in the U.S.

Victory is planning a world debut of a prototype concept bike. 

The three-day event begins Jan. 16 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City.  You can read my take on the show from when it was in Houston in an earlier post.  This event is generally a great time and so many manufacturers participate, it is hard to figure out which sled to sit on first!


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,




Dec 112008

Ok gang, things are getting a little out of control… I happen to live near a military base and there are jets flying over my head late at night, waking my sleeping girls, the neighbors have a lawn mowing service that blasts us with noise by 7am every Thursday, we live a block away from the train tracks with the sound of locomotives and whistle blowing all night long, dogs bark, kids yell, garbage trucks slam cans around, soccer moms blow whistles and soccer dads bark orders at pre-teens at the park down the street, and there is some guy with so much bass in his car that it rattles the windows in the second floor of all the neighborhood houses.  So, when someone tells me my Panhead’s straight pipes are too loud, I have a tendency to say, “Fuck off.”  But now the gang in blue (no not the crips, the other gang in blue), are going to have the authority to fine many of you for loud pipes even if you don’t kick over your engine!

Based on a similar law in Denver, the NYPD is going to be able to enforce a loud pipes law on bikes whether they are actually running or just sitting on the side of the road in a legal parking spot.  Peter Vallone, who is chairing the final bill hearing in the Public Safety Committee, was quoted as saying “Today we go a long way toward taking the squeal out of the hogs.” 

The bill will require all motorcycles to have a sticker stating that the pipes comply with the EPA and do not exceed the 80-decibel limit set by the noise ordinance. Under the bill a first conviction (ticket) carries a maximum $1,000 fine and temporary confiscation until the penalty is paid.   A second violation hikes the maximum fine to $2,500 and imposes permanent forfeiture of the vehicle.   According to NYPD Lt. Daniel, the new measure would let single officers on foot patrol – or other city agents – ticket parked motorcycles.


The final bill hearing will take place on Wednesday December 18.  You guys be careful out there, and watch your bike.


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,