Fine Art Fridays: Teaser From Uhl

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Jan 162010

It’s been two years since “Evelyn” found her way into your hearts and we are almost ready to release David Uhl’s newest addition to his Women of Harley collection, “Stella” hintergrundbilder kostenlos herunterladen für laptop.

Unlike “Evelyn”, “Stella” is not a seasoned rider but more of a rebel immersed in the changing attitudes from the Victorian Era to the Roaring ’20’s.  Harley-Davidson was a catalyst in that change and just seeing a woman on a motorcycle was a pretty radical concept at the time stempeluhr kostenlos herunterladen.

The painting is about 70% complete and we’ll be taking it to the Barrett-Jackson show in Scottsdale, Arizona which starts on Monday.  David will complete the painting there and we will begin taking print orders at that time.  We will send a full-image email release upon our return from Arizona (January 26th).  For those of you who want to add “Stella” to your collection, we will hold your matching numbers while in Arizona windows 10 update 1903 manuell herunterladen.

David wanted to tease everyone with the cropped image of “Stella” below.

If you’re coming to Barrett-Jackson, please stop by and see us.  We’ll be in the same location as in the past and you’ll get to see “Stella” in progress handy animationen kostenlos downloaden!



Greg Rhodes
Uhl Studios
15801 W. Colfax Avenue
Golden, CO  80401


Tattoosday: Nick Baxter Update… Show Opens Tomorrow!

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Sep 082009

This comes from our good friend and amazing artist, Nick Baxter…


SEPTEMBER 2009: This month in my new hometown of Austin, I have some paintings included in an annual juried exhibition of Austin artists kostenlos herunterladen. From over 300 entries, only a limited number are chosen, so I’m proud to be included. If you live in this area, feel free to check out the show herunterladen. The pieces accepted were my recent triptych consisting of “Fight Mechanism,” “Truth Revealed,” and “Future Dead.”
Also this month i’ll be at 2 conventions, Hell City (Phoenix) and Paradise Gathering (Mass.) google maps deutschland herunterladen. I’m completely booked for both shows but I’ll be selling painting books and fine art, participating in forums, and trying to hang out and see my friends from all over, so come say hi tuneup kostenlos downloaden vollversion chip.

Fine Art Friday: Nick Baxter and Adrian Dominic

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Aug 012009


This Friday, my good friend and the man who did my sleeve, Nick Baxter will be sharing a gallery with the talented Mr firefox images from a page. Adrian Dominic ( in the Phoenix area.  Nick now lives in Austin, TX and Adrian hails from the Valley of the Sun download dhl paket app.  The Gallery, Pravus Gallery, is located at 501 E. Roosevelt; Phoenix, AZ 85004 (

The following comes from Mr wetter apps gratis herunterladen. Baxter’s homepage…

A month from now I’ll be having a split show with friend and artistic collaborator Adrian Dominic in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona itunes for free windows 7. The opening reception will be on Friday, August 7, beginning around 8pm and coinciding with the huge First Friday art walk that the city holds every month youtube video ohne ton downloaden. Adrian will be showing a new group of new paintings, which I can say, are awesome and have some really important symbolism in them for people considering the dilemmas we face in today’s world herunterladen. My part of the show will be a slight departure from my usual: a group of new photographs I’ve been working on over the past year that deal with the roots of human aggression and suffering, and the process of personal growth and healing from those things download pdf form. If you’re in that area come check it out and say hello to us at the opening!

Please go and represent for me… run up on Nick and give him a big ol’ hug for me (it will probably freak him out) lobpreis downloaden kostenlos.  And keep your eye here, as Adrian is someone I have selected to showcase in the Tattoosday section of this blog.

Love, Respect, and Fine Art


Tattoosday : Jeff Gogue

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Jan 272009


jeff-gogue-tattoo-artist31This week’s artist calls Grants Pass, Oregon, home.  Jeff Gogue began tattooing in 1999.  While being basically self-taught, he has received some mentorship and advice along the way from Cory Norris and Kevin Cox herunterladen.  In 2000, he began tattooing full time and has worked the past nine years to create a real name for himself in both the tattoo and art world. Jeff’s work has been influenced by some of the greats.  Gogue mentions Bob Tyrrell, Nikko Hurtado, Robert Hernandez, and Joe Capobianco as artists that have inspired him Download videos from dailymotion.

Like many in the tattoo industry, Gogue has striven to gain mastery over his tools,IMG_0853 copyhone his technical skills, and learn how he can manipulate and push the medium.  It seems that much of his mastery of the needle is related to his investigations into oil painting.  This is interesting because Jeff states that he is seeking a style that is “not necessarily ‘photo-realistic’ but detailed where needed, and loose where it’s appropriate.”  And does he accomplish what he sets out to do download free movies android?  In a word, yes.  You will notice that his tattoos often contain both the hard edge, detailed fine line work when it is required in a subject like his wildlife images, and when dealing with other subjects, take his skulls for example, you will notice the image fading into the skin with wisps of grey and/or color and what seems to be a depth of field effect (from the photo world).  This combination comes together to effectively render images that transcend your basic ink job.l_3db1b3f5320a7fd1c3e18d0a395b2db9

And transcending is something this artist is doing pflegeplanung kostenlos downloaden.  Gogue is among a growing number of tattoo artists who not only practice other media, but also go so far as to teach and instruct.  “Brushstrokes” is an instructional painting DVD that has just been released.  Only 100 of them have been created and they sell for $100 each. cockAs of last week, over a third of them were already spoken for and I suspect the others will go fast deutsche gesetze kostenlosen.  The DVD may seem a bit expensive at first, but I understand that it walks students through everything they need to know to get started.  If Jeff is willing to send me a copy, I will be more than happy to do a full-length review and let you know exactly what you can expect dateien auf ipad herunterladen.

If learning from a DVD is not your style, Jeff is also offering daylong and weekend long painting courses in his studio.  Attendance is limited so that students get to really work with Gogue in developing their skills.  As an educator myself, I applaud anyone willing to get in there and share knowledge, technique, and support and inspire others java for dummies pdf download for free.  A retreat like this seems like it would be quite affective and Jeff touts the weekends as “life changing” experiences.Ian'd sleeve done 8x10

Jeff has a few other things going on right now that you might be interested in.  If you happen to be a fan of Gogue’s work, join him as a friend on his MySpace page.  His friends will be privy to bid on many of his prints and originals download accuweather german for free.  Jeff is clearing out his shop and is letting a lot of things go in silent auctions. 

For those of you who are in the industry, be sure to watch out for the newest issue of Tattoo Artist Magazine.  Jeff is featured in this issue and has a 46 page spread which goes in depth about his life, art, philosophy, and just about anything else you could want to know Tomtom latest map version.  For those of us who are not professional tattoo artists, we will have to visit our nearest shop to ask if they might let us check out the issue (TAM is a trade only publication).

IMG_2622.CR2 copyBe sure to check out Jeff Gogue’s website at for more info on upcoming events, publications, and a larger look at his portfolio google drive where.  And if you are in the Oregon area, stop in and say hello for me.


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,






Nov 252008

Last week we looked at the amazing work of Guy Aitchison minecraft 0.8.0 apk for free.  As promised, this week we will take a peek at his better half, Michele Wortman’s work. 


Michele grew up looking at art and has been involved in the art making world most of her life battlefield 2.  What I find interesting about Michele is that she was motivated to become a tattoo artist by her experiences collecting work.  She found that the majority of work out there at the time was a bit overbearing for her and she longed for something that was geared more towards a feminine aesthetic team viewer herunterladen mac.  In fact, she has since decided to cater to an all female clientele. 


Nature and the objects, textures, and elements that can be found within it heavily influence Wortman studo app herunterladen.  While she is open to doing individual pieces, she is very interested in completing what she calls “body sets.”  These sets offer more of a balance to their work and collection wlan amplifier for free.  While one may think of them as being large works, smaller pieces may also fall into this category.  What Michele is encouraging is for her clients to think more “holistically” about their entire collection herunterladen. 

abr4Besides an obvious talent for working on skin, Michele has her fingers in a few other media as well films android for free.  She has a wonderful collection of figure drawings on her site, which are perhaps one of the telltale signs of any serious artist.  The ability to capture the human figure is one that many will struggle with an entire lifetime Download wordpress image from mediathek.  Her gestural images are loose while retaining feeling and detail.

Michele is also an experienced painter and her works capture an amazing essence of the natural world while often injecting a spiritual quality 3d küchenplaner software kostenlos.  Wortman has taken to what she calls “hypersketches” to keep herself fresh and artistically in tune when on the road.  Each of these small paintings/drawings is done in less than an hour and allows Michele to work in an intuitive way facebook datenarchiv herunterladen.  A plus of this type of work is that the images are often available on e-bay for a reasonable sum, which means we get to collect her work without having to take too much out of our tattoo account.


For those of you who know me, you know that I am an artist who bases himself in photography.  So, it is probably no surprise that I am drawn to Michele’s photographic works.  In 2005 she published a book entitled Moments of Epiphany.  This book is a collection of her macroscapes and abstract detail photographs.  The coolest part of the publication is that it comes with a soundtrack that is meant to be listened to while looking at the images.  This, for me, shows how far ahead Michele thinks when working on a project.  The ability to conceptualize a body of work that transcends the traditional boundaries of media is one that many artists never attain. 


It goes without saying that I believe anyone would be happy with a piece by this artist, whether it be a body set, hypersketch, or photograph.  A piece by this visionary would be worthwhile in any collection.

Be sure to check her out at her virtual home


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,