All The News That is Fit to Print… or not…

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Dec 262008

Well, it is Friday night (and I ain’t got nobody…)… no, it is Friday night and I just put the girls down for the night.  Mamma has a friend in town for the night so she took her out in the sidecar to grab a bite.  I am alone in the quiet house with my puppy and the computer thinking about catching up on some blogging.  A lot has gone on in the past few weeks.  I have been to New Mexico twice… once for my grandmother’s passing and then for an early Christmas celebration with the family skype für windows 7 kostenlos herunterladen.  Little D (my Ol’ Lady) and I went out for the funeral, but we left the girls with her parents.  Of course, we took them the following week for the Christmas celebration and we all got sick… Everyone had the stomach flu and a bad cold.  It blew.  We missed the flight home because D was throwing up, but it worked out.  I put the family on a plane the next day and drove home a new 2003 Ford passenger van.  It has only 140,000 miles on it, which isn’t bad for this kind of van, and the deal was impossible to refuse.  I made the trip in about 15 hours and it was pleasantly uneventful (with the exception of getting lost in Dallas… I always get lost in Dallas) google sketchup download for free nederlands.  We plan to haul the kids around in it and make it the official ArtBiker Travel Vehicle.  We can haul artwork around the country and can even put a bike in the back if we need to.  I hope to paint it up and make it a cool ride.

It snowed in Houston for the second time since I moved here in 2000, and it was the first time I was in town to witness it.  I rode around in the Albuquerque weather between snowstorms in mid to high 20-degree weather (takes me back to the old days before I lived in a warm climate, owned a bike, and didn’t own a car) the wanderhure audiobook download for free.  We had a nice Christmas at home and I went to the mall today to see if there was anything worth buying… there wasn’t.  There was a lot to buy, but nothing I was willing to spend what little precious money we have on… and when did $13 a pair become a deal on underwear?  Damn, not worth wearing for that price.

Been thinking of getting out to Daytona this year.  It has been a year or two and it is time to get back.  Some of you may know that my good friend Steve “BREWdude” Garn is rebuilding my 1949 Panhead.  He has had it for over a year now, but it will be worth the wait teamviewer 12 for free.  The bike has been taken down to the frame for a repaint and slight sheet metal mods as well as the entire engine taken apart and put back together… I will go into detail on this whole process in the coming weeks as it comes time to get the ol girl back.  Anyway, Steve has finally gotten his shop back in order and it going to jam on the bike to get it ready for the Easyriders Shows as well as Daytona.  I was thinking of meeting him at one of the shows, but think I might be better off taking a few days to visit Daytona again, pick up my long lost love, and then ride her back home to put her through her paces viona herunterladen.  Speaking of Steve, I just got a text message from him and it looks like he is at some wild club with crazy lasers and disco lights… He says that he is out with the family to celebrate his son Cody’s 22nd birthday.  Happy Birthday Cody!!

I am also planning the yearly pilgrimage to Sturgis.  This year I will be meeting my Brother, Forrest, for his 40th B-Day celebration.  We plan to rip it up.  I am also giving a very, very serious look into the ten-year anniversary of The Horse Smoke Out hip hop ejay full version for free.  I think I will want to take the Pan on the ride from Arizona to North Carolina.  It sounds like a hell of a good time.  Maybe I can get in touch with George the Painter and set up a show or something.

Speaking of shows, work has been going well enough.  I have an exhibit coming up in Germany and another one in Mexico.  Will try to get the bike images out in another US gallery or museum if I can download tomtom updates.  I am also thinking of doing a full-length documentary on a local motorcycle club as well as doing a new series focusing on club members.  My usual Polaroid work has been coming to an end, as the film is no longer available for my beautiful 1973 SX-70 camera.  I am going to get my hands on a slick new digital camera through the University where I teach and look forward to seeing what can become of that.

Hmmm, also getting ready to work on my left sleeve.  My right arm was done by Nick Baxter and we will be doing a touch up or two on Tuesday as well as photographing it for the website calendar 2020 download excel for free.  We hope to hit a few galleries in Austin and get out for a while and it will be nice to spend time with him while he is not driving a needle into my elbow.  I was going to start on my chest piece right away, but think I should get my other arm done first.  I am getting back to my fighting weight and would prefer my “canvas” be in good repair before we start to etch it.

Oh, and I almost forgot the garage… going to finally reclaim the garage and get a workbench or two set up for leather tooling as well as metal engraving Download vlc for free.  I am also looking for a good, cheap, used lift to put in there so that I can tear the Yamaha apart and do a frame up restoration on her.  Again, my buddy Steve took a look at her for me and she is in great shape, but I would like to freshen a few things up as well as do a little fiberglass work to the sidecar.  I think the girls might dig having dad around, working in the garage, and lending a hand.  Hell, they will probably prove to be more mechanically adept than myself download mp3 ringtone!

I suppose that is pretty much the state of things at this point.  I am sure there is more, but I am thinking of settling in to watch Hells Angels ’69.  It is a favorite when I have some time to kill and just want to zone out a bit.  Drop me a note, tell me what is on your mind, and rest up… New Year’s Eve is coming!


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,



Dec 162008




mypicnewforsitenewestMike Devries was born in 1979 and has been a fan of art since he was a child itunes herunterladen windows 8.  Growing up in Southern California, Devries was introduced to tattooing at 16 when he received his first piece.  The coolest thing about this story is that he actually had the green light from his folks film frozen downloaden.  From that point on, he says that he “was hooked.”

As much as he loved getting tattoos and thinking that the career of a tattoo artist would be the coolest ever, after graduating from high school in 1997, he went to work in the family construction business einladungen gestalten kostenlos downloaden.  Then, as they say, opportunity just struck.  In 2003 Devries was being tattooed by Jim Hayek and ended up striking a deal… work on Jim’s house in exchange for a short apprenticeship wimmelbild games full version free pc.  pirate_chick1After only two months, Mike was slinging ink onto everyone he knew; and after one year, he had built up enough of a reputation to quit the family business and tattoo full time clash royale pc kostenlos herunterladen. 

Mike may have been working on his own in the tattoo world, but Jim Hayek’s influence and friendship kept on influencing the budding artist Age of empires download full version.  It was one of Jim’s paintings that inspired Mike to get back into the medium of paint and canvas. 

M.C deutschrap liederen. Escher and Salvador Dali as well as Kunio Hagio and Michael Godard are touted as a few of Devries’ favorites from the traditional and illustrative art world youtube videos herunterladen mit ipad. 

Mike’s tattoo work focuses on portraits and animals.  He is very concerned with realistic renditions of the world Download videos internet for free.  In fact, he has published a book called, “Let’s Be Realistic,” which focuses on, as the title implies, realistic tattooing word 2017 for free.  120 pages of information await readers in this advanced technique guide that will surely find a home on many a shop bookshelf.


If you are interested in setting up a session with Mike, drop him a note through his website at:  If you are interested in having a portrait done, he requests that you send him a full sized photo.  If you do get to collect some of his work, please drop us a note and share.  I am sure you will be thrilled to death.


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,