New Leather – Sneak Peek

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Dec 062011

Ordered for the holidays…

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I Wanna Bike

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Dec 012011

About three years ago, I published a blog about bicycles, and these cool bikes with very small engines… awesome stuff.  Check it out here:

Well, I never did purchase one, and now there is a new contender to add to my list of wants microsoft games kostenlos downloaden.  The Yamaha Y125 MOEGI is a 176 pound bicycle/scooter/moped type vehicle that can travel nearly 190 miles on one gallon of gas.

Have no idea how fast it can go, but it is different from my other interests in that it does not actually have pedals cloud pbx herunterladen.  But check out the inverted forks!!  And it has fuel injection and ABS.  Seriously… high tech and great looking in a tiny, little bike Download the notebook.


Here’s a cute little commercial for it.!


Fastest Production Bike…

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Dec 012011
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The Hayabusa has been unseated.  The new Ninja ZX-14R is now the fastest production bike available anywhere…





But, I would still want one of these: by comparison, she’s a snail… a good 2 seconds slower in the quarter mile… but damn… look at that girl!! download amboss!


Ducati 696


Cyber Monday – Call Me

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Nov 282011
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Make an order… Make someone happy… Make yourself feel good…


How’s that for a sales pitch? whatsapp statusmeldungen downloaden?


LoL… seriously though, give a shout with your wildest leather dreams… Everything from Motorcycle Seats to Gimp Gear (hey, there is a market for that, ya know) cewe fotobuch software herunterladen.


Hope your Thanksgiving was good and hope your day back to work today is manageable.