Angels and Vagos Shoot It Out In Arizona

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Sep 092010

You have probably heard the news by now about the club incident between suspected Hells Angels and Vagos members in a little town called Chino Valley, AZ.  Located just north of Prescott and about 100 miles from Phoenix, members of both clubs live within blocks of one another wie kann man auf dem laptop apps herunterladen.

The Northwest region of Arizona has seen this power struggle for almost eight months now as members of each group fight to claim territory.

Last Saturday, around 12:15 p.m., YCSO received many phone calls regarding shots fired at the home in the 2600 block of Yuma Drive Download loops for free. Dwight D’Evelyn, sheriff’s office spokesman, said that upon arrival at the scene, YCSO deputies and Chino Valley police officers began detaining suspected motorcycle club members microsoft word for free 2007.

In the late afternoon, TV images showed several dozen men and a few women dressed in biker garb outside a rural home in the Chino Valley area with Harley-Davidson motorcycles parked alongside app video herunterladen. Heavily armed law enforcement officers kept them under surveillance.  Nearby, several dozen police vehicles blocked roadways into the area, and two men wearing biker garb were in plastic handcuffs flickr the owner forbidsing the photos.

Hours earlier, at 1:47 p.m., two helicopters circled around the perimeter of the crime scene. About half an hour later, at 2:10 p.m., paramedics who had landed next to the gray home in a Verde Valley Medical Center helicopter could be seen exiting the residence with one person on a stretcher herunterladen. That person was flown to a Phoenix-area hospital.  In total, there were 5 people sent to the hospital, but there were no deaths.

Twenty-seven suspects were arrested and over 50 shell casings collected kasse herunterladen. As of Wednesday only the names of nine suspects had been released:

John Anthony Bernard, 44 – total of 16 counts filed against him

Kiley Steven Hill, 39 – total of 15 counts filed against him

Robert Edward Kittredge, 36 – total of 8 counts filed against him

Bruce Andrew Schweigert Sr., 46 – total of 8 counts filed against him

Jess Ramirez Flores, 61, of Glendale – total of 5 counts filed against him

Michael Trevor Koepke, 28, of Prescott Valley– total of 3 counts filed against him

Kevin E Download nacon profile. Christensen, 50, of Kingman – total of 15 counts filed against him

Brian E. Apfel, 38, of Las Vegas – total of 3 counts filed against him

Larry Dean Scott Jr., 47 – total of 16 counts filed against him

Which motorcycle club the charged suspects belonged to, if any, was not stated weihnachtslieder kostenlos downloaden. According to Yavapai County Sheriff Deputy Scott Reed, each man is being held on $75,000 bond.

The Yavapai County Attorney requested that 17 defendants be released from the county jail on Tuesday since no felony complaints would be filed against them in this matter at this time download flux.

The Yavapai County Attorney also moved to dismiss without prejudice two other defendants’ cases because there was insufficient evidence to proceed at this time.

Jun 072010

Ed Winterhalder… love him download from youtube for free? Hate him? Indifferent? Don’t know who he is?  Well, evidently he has authored and/or co-authored a number of books.  The one I happen to have on my shelf at the moment is Out In Bad Standings, which was not my favorite biker reads.  That being said, he has been touted by someone as one of the top authorities on bikers and the biker lifestyle, and he has a new project out.  He can add Producer to his list of accomplishments as he has his hand in a new television series about biker chicks… or should I say, chicz musik mp3 player kostenlos herunterladen.

Below is the press release.  If you see them filming in Laconia, be sure to wear an  ArtBiker shirt and get me some free air time!

Love, Respect, and Biker TV,



Contact: John Pruner

Blockhead City Entertainment

PO Box 1654, Owasso, OK 74055-1654

918-274-8260 or bhcpressoffice at


BOSTON, MA – 6/2/10 – Eight members of a Boston area all female motorcycle club called the East Coast Biker Chicks, will soon be featured in a new television series herunterladen. Filming for the Biker Chicz docu-reality series is scheduled to start on June 19th during the annual Laconia Bike Week in Laconia NH, and continue in eastern Massachusetts throughout the summer herunterladen.

Biker Chicz will focus on the positive aspects of the Harley-Davidson biker lifestyle and is being produced by an Oklahoma production company, Blockhead City Entertainment download van netflix op pc. “Our intention is to produce a happy, feel good television series that will be enjoyable to watch, and realistically capture the true nature of bikers, their spirit and the Harley lifestyle – this series will be just the opposite of what you see in shows like Sons of Anarchy and Gangland,” said Executive Producer Edward Winterhalder the three question signs download for free rapid.

Winterhalder, a biker personality, author and the creator of the Biker Chicz TV series, has been riding Harleys since 1974 youtube video ab bestimmter stelleen. One of the world’s leading authorities on bikers, motorcycle clubs and the Harley-Davidson biker lifestyle; his books about the biker lifestyle are published in multiple languages and sold all over the world youtube auf ps3 herunterladen. “Because I have lived the biker lifestyle myself for more than thirty-five years, I feel confident that I can accurately capture for TV what really goes on in the life of a biker on a day-to-day basis,” he said age of empires 2 kostenlos downloaden.

Lucky Belcamino, the founder and current President of the East Coast Biker Chicks, is excited to be a part of this ground breaking concept. “Thank God someone is finally going to show the world that bikers are ordinary people from all walks of life; regular people that have families and jobs, who enjoy riding Harleys in their spare time and giving back to the communities in which they live when they can,” Lucky said icloud photos download on pc.

Another Harley rider featured in the Biker Chicz TV series, Annie Concemi, who was recently profiled on TLC’s blockbuster series What Not To Wear, was adamant when she said, “Everyone I know is sick and tired of all of the negative television these days, where everyone argues and fights for sixty minutes – Biker Chicz will be a breath of fresh air as far as I am concerned.”

For more information about the Biker Chicz TV series, please go to and click on the “Television” button.

May 032010

Well friends, there is a long history here and there is a story or two to be divulged.  But for now, let me just invite you to the first Birthday Bash of the Sovereign Souls Motorcycle Club powerpoint präsentation download kostenlos deutsch.  Keep an eye on these pages and I will tell you all about birthing this baby… until then, raise a glass to your Brothers and hope to see you at the party wie kann man alle spiele kostenlos herunterladen.

Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,


Jan 282010

Wednesday’s lunch hour offered up an unusual menu item for folks in the Front Street and Soquel Avenue area of Santa Cruz, CA.  In a very unusual display of aggression, Vagos MC members and Hells Angels MC members were reportedly fighting with hammers and crowbars.  By the time police arrived at the scene, the fight had broken up and members of both clubs had left the area download creative cloud desktop app.

One county resident, 37 year old Thomas Froberg, was arrested after his car was identified as leaving the scene.  He was pulled over and a hammer was found in his vehicle lizenzfreie grafiken kostenlos downloaden. Froberg was booked into County Jail on suspicion of possessing a deadly weapon and a gang allegation, according to police.

The best part of this story (if there is an upside to groups fighting with one another) is that Sheriff’s Office Sgt color switch app kostenlos downloaden. Ian Patrick, who oversees gang investigations in the unincorporated area of the county, stood up for the club members when speaking with the media.  Patrick mentioned that motorcycle club members have been arrested for personal issues, but no club events have caused problems in recent memory and that the Sheriff’s Office doesn’t keep track of “outlaw motorcycle gang” membership in the county videos with link.

Patrick said that a chapter of Hells Angels claims Santa Cruz County, but he wouldn’t classify them as a criminal street gang under state law based on the contacts, or lack thereof, sheriff’s deputies have had with members exchange address book download error.

But the real prize goes to Ian for the following statement; “People have a right to meet and congregate and be part of groups and we want to be careful about allowing people to do that within their constitutional rights.”  Somebody buy that officer a beer ältere teamviewer versionen herunterladen.



Jan 142010

Steve Jones was a reporter for the BBC.  He was the Mid-Wales correspondent and regularly appeared on both TV and radio.  He was a good reporter who had held his position for 20 years.  He was also a Hells Angel app games to.

At this year’s Bulldog Bash, Jones was actually interviewed by members of the BBC who did not know him personally.  Jones, going by his road name, Echo, criticized the police for being heavy handed in their security measures for the 2009 event.  When his higher ups found out about it, he was out a job download windows word for free.

Jones had previously annoyed BBC bosses by wearing a short-sleeved shirt on TV – showing off his tattooed arms, but officially, he was let go for breaching their code of conduct, which says journalists must disclose their interests and get permission before representing outside organizations yosemite herunterladen ohne installation. The father of two was on leave when he took on the role of unofficial press spokesman for the biking event.

A BBC spokesman confirmed he had been dismissed after a disciplinary hearing and it is understood that he is appealing against the decision r4 karte spiele kostenlos downloaden deutsch.

Below you will see the actual interview that caused all the problems for Jones.

Love, Respect, and Speak Your Mind,