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OK, so this is a casting call for members of motorcycle clubs.  Bob Saget is going to be the host of this show… I will leave it to you to decided if this exposure is a good idea or not herunterladen.

Love, Respect, and Not So Funny Narration,


Casting Call Information

City: Any City

State: National

Now Casting: Biker Clubs for A&E title from audible! A&E is on a nationwide search for authentic and unique motorcycle clubs to feature on a new original real-life series hosted by Bob Saget (America’s Funniest Home Videos/Full House) download powerpoint for free 2010. We are specifically seeking groups of bikers who’ll be riding together to the 2010 Daytona Beach Bike Week at the end of February beginning of March! whatsapp lässt sich nicht mehr herunterladen! 

The hour long, documentary-style series will follow our host as he dives in to the unique pool of cultures, lifestyles, practices, and people in America buchhaltungsprogramm kostenlos downloaden. He’ll take the audience on a fun, but informative, journey through a variety of worlds that they’ll learn about through his experiences sky go movies download ipad. It will be an objective and entertaining look at interesting people, places, and things as only Bob Saget sees them.

Casting call site is here.

Jan 112010

The following is the obituary of Mr. Frank Rios.  Rios was the co-founder of the Chicago based motorcycle club, the Hell’s Lovers.  Started in the late 60’s, the Hell’s Lovers MC was one of, if not the first, integrated motorcycle club in the area and edit maps.  Read on and rest in peace Frank.




By Lolly BoweanTribune reporter

January 11, 2010

A Harley-Davidson buff who was turned down when he tried to join a motorcycle club in the late 1960s, Frank “Claim-Jumper” Rios started the Hell’s Lovers, one of the first integrated biker organizations in Chicago metallica kostenlos downloaden.

“He got to know people across the United States, and he knew the different clubs,” said his son, Demetrius Guyton. “He enjoyed the wide-open road Download iphone xs images. The fun part of the road trips was hanging with his bros, even with the breakdowns.”

Mr. Rios, 62, died of cardiac arrest attributed to complications from diabetes Monday, Dec herunterladen. 28, at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee, his son said. Mr. Rios had moved from Chicago’s West Side to Milwaukee in 1997.

A Mexican-American from the West Side, Mr download teasi one maps. Rios was an outsider among existing motorcycle clubs when he started the Hell’s Lovers in 1967.

“He put the name on his back, and it took off,” his son said fortnite on samsung. “He hooked up with a childhood friend, and they formed a nation.”

Overseeing his own club allowed him to meet others who danced to their own rhythm, his longtime friend, Andrew “Poolie” Poole said herunterladen.

“When people liked the way we lived, they jumped onboard with us,” said Poole, also a founding member of the Hell’s Lovers. “We believed in each other.”

The Hell’s Lovers have about 50 members in Chicago and claim more than 1,500 members across the country in states like Tennessee, Colorado, Texas, Georgia and Maryland, Guyton said apple music herunterladen geht nicht.

“When you’d see us coming, you’d wonder, ‘How’d they all get together?’ ” said Ralph Collier, who joined in 1972 download dragonball. “We’d freak people out because we had all kinds of people: black, white, Mexican.”

Many motorcycle clubs have an outlaw reputation, and members of the Hell’s Lovers had occasional scrapes with the law over the years netflix serie downloaden op macbook. But Mr. Rios managed to stay out of serious trouble.

“It got to be wild and crazy at times,” Collier said. “Half our stories can’t be put in print. There were times when tears had to be shed. But you lived to see what would happen the next five minutes.”

Mr. Rios, a boxing and martial arts instructor, rode his Harley regularly until four years ago, when he started suffering complications from diabetes.

Mr. Rios is also survived by a sister, Loretta Bernard, and four grandchildren.

Servic es were held.

Jan 102010

This morning, over the proverbial cup of coffee and Sunday Times (i.e. leftover pizza, Diet Coke, and checking my fave blogs), I came across a nice little article from the Toronto Star by author Bill Taylor.  It is a short story and interview with Don Norris, an early president of the Satan’s Choice Motorcycle Club.  You may know them from the patch over with the Hells Angels in 2000.  Anyway, it is a nice read and a great way to start your Sunday.  If it is not too cold where you are (ie- you live in SoCal cause the rest of the country is friggin’ frigid right now), then enjoy your bros, have a beer for me, and just cruise Download flash player for free for firefox.  For the rest of us it is a good way to kick off a day of wrenching, picking up around the garage, and hanging with friends or family.  I am going to play with my girls, toss a ball for the puppy, and tinker with the sidecar rig to see if I can get closer closer to getting it back in rotation… said girls and puppy would appreciate the riding when it warms back up.

Love, Respect, and Club Life,



Jan 09, 2010

Bill Taylor

Special to the Star

BOLTON–”You don’t look like a bad-guy biker.”

In certain circles, saying that could get you punched out.

Don Norris smiles. “Thank you,” he says.

With his white hair, gentle demeanour and blue, knitted slippers, he doesn’t look like a one-percenter flickr herunterladen verbieten.

Except for the “Department of Homeland Security” T-shirt, which shows a bunch of long-haired motorcyclists.

And the tattoo: a grinning devil’s head and the name Satan’s Choice.

Norris was an outlaw, all right. President of the Choice back in the early ’60s.

Who else in this comfortable sub-division off Hwy. 50 could sit in his living room and jog his memory with, “That would be the night the Vagabonds beat the s – – – outta me?”

Satan’s Choice was front and centre in the famous “patch-over” of 2000-01 when members of several Ontario clubs became Hells Angels download microsoft invoice. Norris was long gone by then. But he’s still close to a number of guys who live the outlaw life.

“Friends are friends,” he says. “They’re good people.”

If he more resembles a retired scoutmaster, well, he’s been that, too. And a karate instructor. He may be 67 but you wouldn’t want to cross him even now.

“I’m not a tough guy any more,” he says. “I’ve had heart problems and diabetes. I would avoid a fight. But, still, some things are ingrained.”

He most wants to be thought of as a writer, author of the self-published memoir Riding With Attitude animations.

You can order it from him (email donnorris©rogers.com) for $22.50 plus $2.50 postage, or from Chapters/Indigo. If you see Norris at a rally, 20 bucks and it’s yours. This weekend, he’ll be selling copies at his own booth at the motorcycle Supershow at the International Centre.

Norris is retired from the trucking industry and lives with his wife, Carolyn, and a cat named Riggs, after the Mel Gibson character in Lethal Weapon herunterladen.

He has four children, who are “fascinated by the biker stuff,” and six grandchildren. He no longer carries a “gator-skinner” knife with a 30-centimetre blade, or rides with three sticks of dynamite wrapped up in his bedroll – “another of my quirks.”

It was through one of his son’s scouting activities that he became a troop leader. “I always get a kick out of the people who say, `I can’t believe you were in Satan’s Choice,’ ” says Carolyn. “Or, `I can’t believe you were a scoutmaster.’ ”

Riding With Attitude is sometimes lurid. Norris writes of losing his virginity “with Lulu in the Golden Hawks’ clubhouse … while the guys sat around drinking and watching.”

He opens a window into a time when outlaw bikers were hellraisers who hadn’t yet been tarred with the “organized crime” brush iphone dropbox bilder herunterladen. That’s a label that irks him mightily.

As a teenager in Scarborough, Norris earned 35 cents an hour “as a carhop at a drive-in restaurant – no roller skates. I’d saved 100 bucks and I knew some fellers who belonged to the Saddle Tramps club. Through them, I bought a ’52 Triumph.”

(Biker clubs then weren’t mandating that their members ride Harleys.)

“I hooked up with Satan’s Choice and a year later I became president. That would be 1959 or ’60. There was only one chapter back then, about 45 members. We hung out at Aida’s restaurant at Kingston Rd. and St download bilou app. Clair Ave. There were no initiation rituals. You just needed a motorcycle and $3 for the patch.”

What was it like being in Satan’s Choice?

“Party, party, party,” Norris recalls with a grin. “And some ongoing rivalry with other clubs. The Black Diamond Riders tended to try to wipe out other clubs. I was beaten up a few times.”

And beat up people himself?

“Of course. It was all challenges. You can’t reject a challenge gta 5 ps3 herunterladen.

“We were treated with respect by people, given a wide berth wherever we went. They saw your patch and they stepped aside.”

The Choice disbanded temporarily in 1963 but Norris joined the Swamphawks and Golden Hawk Riders. “And I was always very friendly with the Para-Dice Riders.”

He spent most weekends at Bernie Guindon’s house. It was Guindon, co-founder of the Phantom Riders, who in 1965 masterminded an amalgamation of his club, the Canadian Lancers, the Throttle Twisters and the Wild Ones.

Satan’s Choice was reborn.

The four club presidents visited Norris to see what he thought of the idea.

“I could hardly contain my enthusiasm,” he writes pes 2018 kostenlos downloaden. “I loaned them my old crest as a sample and told them where they could be made. For aiding in the new beginning, I was presented with a new set of colours.”

But Norris was a family man by then and never went back to the Choice.

“Do I miss it?” he says. “Not really. I’m enjoying saner times. Would I live in that culture again? Yes, absolutely.”

He owns a 1997 Honda Gold Wing that he’s ridden all over the continent.

“Most of my neighbours have no idea about any of the biker stuff,” he says. “They know I ride. Maybe that’s what keeps them away!”

His wife had no idea either when they met “or I wouldn’t have touched him with a 10-foot pole!”

Norris looks at her in mock disbelief spotify lieder offline herunterladen. “I never could talk her into getting a `Property of Satan’s Choice’ tattoo.”

He backs his Gold Wing out into the rain for pictures.

“Where do you want me?” he asks. “By this tree?”

Sure. Unless you’d like to ride around the block and look as if you’re terrorizing the neighbourhood.

His wife laughs. “He’s the quietest guy on the street.”

In certain circles, saying that could get you punched out.

Norris smiles. “Thank you,” he says.

Toronto Star


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lernwerkstatt 7 free full version

Tis the Season and all the clubs, all over the country, and beyond will be putting together toy runs to help make sure that everyone gets a little sumpin’, sumpin’ this holiday billard spiele kostenlos downloaden vollversion.  Get out there and participate.  Most clubs welcome anyone to ride with them and it is a great opportunity to meet some folks and do some good for the kids herunterladen.  And, if for some reason, you can’t find a run in your area, why not put one together yourself?

Love, Respect, and Happy Holidays,


Below are just a couple flyers for events… there are hundreds out there…




toy run 2008   poster



Bandidos Sentenced in Worst Mass Slayings in Ontario History

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Oct 302009

Well, with all that is happening in Australia with biker clubs and all the new biker laws (anti-biker laws), other news has been pushed to the background.  There is a lot going on back East with the Pagans, and now the Bandidos of Canada are in the news herunterladen.

In London, Ontario, six members of the Bandidos were found guilty yesterday of murdering eight associates in what is the worst mass slayings in Ontario history freie bilder herunterladen.

The jury began deliberations earlier this week after hearing from more than 70 witnesses over six months. Wayne Kellestine, Dwight Mushey, Michael Sandham, Marcelo Aravena, Frank Mather, and Brett Gardiner were found guilty of 44 counts of murder and four manslaughter convictions video von youtube downloaden legal.

The prosecution said the murders were the result of rising tensions between the men who were killed and the Bandidos chapter in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Kellestine, a member of the Toronto chapter, had become increasingly alienated from his Toronto members and allied with the Winnipeg men.  According to the prosocution, he had received orders from U.S download philips hue app. Bandidos officials to strip the Toronto men of their gang affiliation and start a new Canadian chapter, but there is no evidence that anyone ever received orders of murder verpflichtungserklärung herunterladen.

Bandido Associates: George Jessome, 52, George Kriarakis, 28, John Muscedere, 48, Luis Raposo, 41, Frank Salerno, 43, Paul Sinopoli, 30, Jamie Flanz, 37, and Michael Trotta, 31, were found on April 8, 2006 herunterladen. The men were stuffed into four vehicles abandoned in a farmer’s field a few miles from a farmhouse belonging to Kellestine.

A timeline of the Bandidos massacre can be found here excelen voor mac gratis.