Twitter Updates for 2012-10-02

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Oct 022012
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Twitter Updates for 2012-10-01

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Oct 012012
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Jun 052012

Kevin Bean’re… the name is synonymous with motorcycle travel and modern biker culture.  Although he is more often seen in his Top Hat and some swanky duds like a purple tux, he is a staple at motorcycle events across the country.  And yes, he rides to every single freakin’ one of them… all the time… in all weather… his raked out purple bagger has been put through the ringer and I would venture to guess is you added up all the bass flake in his paint job it would still number less than the amount of biker events this guy has attended free music download legal.

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David Uhl… the name is synonymous with biker culture as well… across time and space.  He is best known for his incredible paintings of Harley Davidsons and scenes from rallies and other cultural events where biker’s are present.  He has depicted everything from board-track racers to bikes hoisted onto elephants to be taken on hunts through Africa.

Bean’re has been mentioned more than once in this blog and Uhl has his work regularly showcased… now is the opportunity to take part in curatorial history!  David is apparently painting an image of Bean’re!  And Kevin has asked that you pipe in!  So help make this all-important selection.  Visit the link below and peruse the images.  They will be on Bean’re’s site (you may wish to friend him while you are there), then simply write in your vote for the greatest image!  I would also love to hear it right from your mouth, so post here too!

My vote is… well… you will have to visit the link to find out what my vote is going to be.

Love, Respect, and Everything Bean’re,


Visit the painting ideas HERE! 

A New Bike… A New Victory…

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Dec 022011

So, I have been daydreaming a little about a new bike… not for me, but for my lovely wife.  The Ol’ Lady has a Nightster that just kicks ass, but she has suddenly discovered the Blackline.  I must admit the Blackline is a beauty pets 2 for free!

I love riding the Nightster (with her permission, of course).  It feels a lot like my 49 Pan, but the apes are smaller and it consistently starts and goes… that second one is a very nice quality in a bike.  However, we do like to travel across country and that measly 95-mile gas tank is a bit on the restrictive side, if you’re interested in bikes you can also find some great fat tire ebikes which are really comfortable to ride all resources.

So, I posted a photo comparing a bunch of Harley’s to see which one she liked best (just going on looks.  You know, gut reaction).

She chose the Blackline and the Fatboy Lo (both of which I would have chosen myself).  We would have chosen the 48, but again, the petrol capacity issue download minecraft for free.

Then I figured we would open it up a bit… check the Harleys out against the Victory.  The Victory has a bigger engine and seems to give you a little more bang for your buck download word for free in full. To view the latest range of Wisper’s amazing touring ebikes simply click here and visit their page.

She has not selected from the above list of the Hammer 8-ball, the Vegas High Ball, the Vegas 8-ball, and the aforementioned Harleys ticket.

But that is OK because Victory is introducing a new model in one short week.  December 9th will be the debut of a new model.  Below is a teaser that tells you almost nothing except there are red pinstripes on the rims, the paint is probably flat black, and there will most likely be some more pinstripe work on the tins.  You can also guess that there are ape hangers on the bike by the level in which the rider’s throttle hand sits in one particularly short shot.  The keen eye will observe my good friend Frank’s (Nino925) rings on that throttle hand… Yup, best out there, visit his site here whatsapp downloaden op apple ipad.  And do a search in the search bar in the upper right corner of the blog… I have a lot of info on Nino!

Anyway, the video is almost not even a teaser, but it will do to keep the juices flowing, keep the dreamers dreaming, and keep me posting bike pics form my better half to drool over while I fantasize about being able to put one under her X-Mas Tree herunterladen.



Cop Busted… Rape Case Against Teacher

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Aug 232011


Can you frickin believe that Pena actually said, “They’re trying to make an example out of me.”


Serious?? herunterladen?  It’s not like you got busted J-Walking and you are being made an example of…





The off-duty police officer accused of forcing a teacher into an alley and raping her at gunpoint fears the Manhattan District Attorney’s office will pursue his case with a vengeance because two police officers were acquitted of rape in a high-profile case this spring android handy bilder downloaden.

Michael Pena, 27, is being held at Rikers on $1 million bond after he allegedly grabbed the 25-year-old woman off the street and assaulted her as she walked to work Friday in Manhattan icloud download android.

“The DA is arresting cops, indicting cops,” Pena told the Daily News in his first jailhouse interview download music at low cost. “They’re trying to make an example out of me.”

Pena did not comment specifically on the charges against him, telling the paper his lawyer advised him not to discuss the case download acrobat reader for free.

He was arraigned Saturday on charges of first-degree rape, forcible rape and predatory sexual assault.

Police said Pena, who was intoxicated, approached the woman as she was walking near Park Terrace West in Inwood and asked for directions to the No sim city 5 for free in full version german. 1 train.

He then showed her his gun in his waistband, put his arm around her, saying “you are coming with me,”  and took her to an alley, police said herunterladen.

In their courtroom account of the alleged rape, prosecutors said Pena ushered the woman behind a building on Park Terrace West. A resident inside the building told police she looked out the window and saw the defendant violating the woman videos aus fben. The resident called 911.

After two 911 calls, police arrived to find Pena with his pants still down.

Pena told the News he had a “picture perfect” record and had never been in trouble before this incident Download clean master for free.

His lawyer, Juan Campos, portrayed him in court as a family man who recently moved in with his fiancee. Campos suggested that if the rape allegations are true, “they could be the product of something that can’t be explained.”

Though Pena would not speak specifically about the incident, he told the News, “Eventually the truth will come out gameboy advance spiele download kostenlos deutsch. Everything’s not black and white. There are shades of gray.”

The May rape acquittal of former police officers Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata, who were sentenced this month to a year and two months, respectively, in prison for official misconduct, marked a big loss for the district attorney’s office.

Compounding that loss, the district attorney’s office may drop sexual assault charges against former International Monetary Fund head Dominique Strauss-Kahn this week.