GObama – and the ATV’s that couldn’t be sold…

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Aug 152011

Regardless of how you feel about our president, our government, the political system… etc… After a two year battle the unintentional ban on the sale of youth ATVs and off-highway motorcycles caused by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) was ended when President Obama signed H.R facebook herunterladen. 2715 into law on Friday, August 12, 2011. The new law had been passed by both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives earlier in the week. It puts an end to the ban on the sale of youth ATVs and dirtbikes libreoffice kostenlos download chip.

You maybe have been following this “mistake” in my blog, but the skinny is that the sale of youth dirtbikes and ATVs was banned due to perceived safety issues within the lead content provisions in the CPSIA Download voucher template for free. Since the lead on the vehicles was found to be in the battery there was an extremely low chance of any pro-longed toxic exposure to the young riders. The Motorcycle Industry Council was one of the leading proponents that worked on getting the lead content provisions of the CPSIA amended thus ending the ban bearbeitungsprogramm videos kostenlosen.

Source: Motorcycle Industry Council


Chalk up a win for us… even if it was just a correction of something the gov. messed up the first time around download videos online for free.





Mar 212011

Dear Readers,


A very good friend of mine, Sam Allen, has begun an extensive project documenting Route 66 from a biker’s perspective.  HE NEEDS YOUR HELP.  He would like to list any motorcycle club, shop, hang out, bar, outlet, gathering space, or biker friendly business that lies on Route 66.  The listing is FREE as he is really just trying to create the best motorcycle guide ever for the Mother Road of America.  Be sure to include pictures download samsung smart tv new app!


Please, if you can help out with information, get a hold of Sam at the address below.  If you can’t help out directly, but have an e-mail list or blog that you could put this onto, please do so.  I know he will really appreciate it and I know the guide is going to be an amazing resource for all of the biking community fonds herunterladen.


Sam has been traveling Route 66 for over 20 years and has assembled a team of experts in web design, graphic arts and computer based map making with the knowledge and experience needed to create the most comprehensive web-based Route 66 information center for motorcycle riders and others with an adventurous spirit whatsapp can't download anything. Hey, there is even talk of yours truly stepping up to photograph and help with the project!  I am both flattered and honored.




If you live on Route 66, Sam would like to meet you to hear your Route 66 stories


If you have a Route 66 business, belong to a motorcycle club from a Route 66 town or sponsor a motorcycle rally along Route 66, Sam would like to include you on Route66MC.com


If you operate a Route 66 museum, are a member of a Route 66 Historical Society or are a member of the Chamber of Commerce in a Route 66 town, Sam would like to get your Route 66 history


Contact Sam directly at sam@route66mc.com and leave your contact information.  He will get a hold of you ASAP videos from sat1 mediathek.



Thanks for any help you can provide this project.


Love and Respect,







So Who Is Sam Allen Anyway?  A Brief Bio:


Samuel N whatsapp aktualisieren herunterladen. Allen created and is developing Route66mc.com. He has led a colorful life that has included fighting in Madison Square Garden, publishing an article in New York Magazine, owning a custom motorcycle shop, practicing law, and founding a motorcycle club.  He is a member of the Iron Butt Association and has been featured in People magazine and NBC Nightly News free music app for iphone without internet.


Find out more about Sam and the Route 66 MC Project by visiting the website:



And contact him directly at:






David Zien Hurt in Motorcycle Accident

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Mar 192011

This letter is from Pan and is a repost from Lisa Ballard and the Cycle Source Blog.

For those who are hearing snips of what happened to Sen herunterladen. Dave Zien, let me set the record straight mac os 10.10. He was involved in a motorcycle crash on Sunday morning last, around 6:15 am. He was near Mariana, Florida, when an SUV or van overturned in front of him and he was unable to avoid hitting it youtube videos gratis herunterladen. His left leg was badly injured and he ended up losing it above the knee.  He also received a hip injury that turned out to be fracture of the acetabulum, which is serious download netflix program. Instead of open reduction and plates, they decided to do a total hip replacement, which is happening today. This is his right side, so with the left leg gone and the right pelvic fracture and hip replacement, he will not be able to put weight on that for some time spider solitär herunterladen. He’s at Tallahassee Memorial Regional Medical Center.

Yesterday was his 61st birthday, and about 20 of us gathered at our Road Guardians Compound in Big Bend, Wisconsin office writing program for free. We called him and wished him a happy birthday and he was happy to hear fro m us. He was weak and using the morphine pump every 5-minute interval, so it was hard for him to communicate well with us adobe digital editions kostenlos download deutsch. He was best man at Vicki and my wedding, and a dear friend since around 1972.  The media likes to report he was not wearing a helmet. Of course, he did receive a minor head laceration that required stitches, but he also has fused bones in his neck and his surgeons warned him not to ride anymore because a crash could result in death or paralysis Redownload playstation 4 purchased games. Lucky he wasn’t wearing a helmet because the change of paralysis is great with the added weight to his already compromised neck.  Anyway, his bike is totaled (it’s the one Harley gave him on April 6, 2009 when he achieved on million miles on his 1991 FXR) and he is pretty bummed about that herunterladen. Also, he didn’t know where his Crazy Horse belt buckle was that I gave him for being my best man. He has worn that every day since June 26, 2002 heroes of might and magic 4 kostenlos downloaden vollversion. Also, his Lawmaker colors were missing. He and I are members of the Lawmakers, as was Sputnik.  They’ve located the colors and he thinks the buckle is with his clothes in the hospital locker in his room. He has a long road to recovery and I talk to him every day on the phone. Vicki and I are working as point for the family so they don’t get overwhelmed with calls. Our Wisconsin governor called me for his phone number, and he talked to Dave two days ago. Our former governor is trying to call his as well. Yesterday, Jim Fendry, Wisconsin Gun Owners, called me and he will be calling Dave also. They are good friends and work on concealed carry bills for Wisconsin. Twiggy from Easyriders called me yesterday too to pass on well wishes. With all of that, Dave is worried about people worrying about him. He also expressed interest in buying a Can Am Spyder to ride while getting used to his prosthesis.  The guy who overturned the van was cited for improper lane change resulting in losing control and driving after suspension. It appears he had no insurance and was from Ohio. Dave has insurance but it is questionable if he has enough. It’s going to be tough. My firm is representing him. I’ll visit him in mid April when Vicki and I ride down to Eglin Airforce Base near Panama City. She is the keynote speaker at a banquet the base is having. However, you can visit https://www.lipconlawfirm.com/ to get more information on accident lawyers.

Although the leg and hip are major injuries, I’m worried about the accumulative affect of these injuries and the surgeries. He has a bad heart and this will take a toll on it and each surgery makes him weaker. He’s not out of the woods by any means. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.



Sturgis Freedom Fighters

Motorcycle Hall Of Fame Member 2005


2011 Sturgis Hall of Fame-ers Announced

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Feb 242011


The Sturgis Motorcycle Hall of Fame is designed to recognize individuals or groups who have made a long term positive impact on the motorcycle community.  Each year, Executive Director Christine Paige Diers announces the list of new inductees.  The following is a press release with that information bilden macbook.  If you have never been to the SMHF, it is worth the trip.  Congrats to this year’s crop of very deserving individuals.


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,




Don Emde – Don Emde comes by his passion for motorcycling naturally. He was born to a motorcycling family in 1951, and spent much of his youth either working in the family’s dealership or tearing up the tracks of Southern California as an amateur scrambler, dirt tracker and road racer emoticonsen voor whatsapp. He turned pro in 1969, and set numerous records with his Daytona 200 win in 1972. Emde and his father became the first (and so far only) father son pair to win the Daytona 200. After his racing career, Don went on to become a successful publisher and author. He currently publishes Drag Specialties Magazine, Parts Magazine and Parts Europe Magazine herunterladen.

Del Hofer – Del Hofer has been a Harley-Davidson dealer for 50 years, first in Huron, South Dakota, then in Fargo, North Dakota. His love of motorcycling is obvious through many of his activities. Del is active in the American Motorcyclists Association and is the longest serving member of the Harley-Davidson Dealer Advisory Board herunterladen. A long-time AMA amateur racer in all styles of racing, Del also served as an AMA referee and District Congressman for quite some time. Del’s passion for motorcycling is evident to anyone who meets him. He encourages men and women alike to take safety courses, get active in riding and enjoy it in a safe and fun way.

Robert Craig “Evel” Knievel – Probably one of the best-known motorcycle riders in history, Evel Knievel liked to live on the edge pyramid solitaire download kostenlos deutsch. From riding his bicycle at an early age to pole vaulting when he was in the army to playing semi-pro hockey, Evel tried it all. In the early 1960s, Evel joined the motorcross circuit with moderate success until a broken collar bone forced him to take a job as an insurance salesman. The insurance business didn’t hold him for long, though, and soon he moved his family to Washington where he started his first daredevil show. During his career, he attempted 75 ramp-to-ramp motorcycle jumps, many successfully herunterladen. In 1974, Knievel unsuccessfully attempted a jump across the Snake River on a steam-powered rocket – the Skycycle X-2. Knievel died of pulmonary disease in 2007 at the age of 69.

Michael Prugh – While Michael Prugh is certainly well recognized as a motorcycle designer and manufacturer, it’s his work educating others that has taken him beyond the title of “builder.” Michael has been involved in many builds for charity and as a competitor Download free easter greetings. He took second place two years in a row in the AMD’s World Championship of Custom Bike Building and has been featured in numerous publications featuring various builds. In 2010, Prugh led a team of students from Western Dakota Tech to build “Method” a true “one off” bike that was auctioned at the annual Legends Ride os x version 10.13. This year, Prugh is again teaming up with Western Dakota Tech, Black Hills Harley-Davidson and the Buffalo Chip to build a bike for the Legends Ride.

Gloria Tramontin Struck – You’d never believe this outspoken 85-year-old woman is the same girl who in 1941 at age 16 tearfully told her brother “I do not want to know how to ride!” Well, her brother won that argument and she’s been riding from that day until today. She’s owned 14 motorcycles in her lifetime, has traveled every state in the continental U.S. as well as Canada. At the age of 76, she took two trips to Europe, traveling a total of over 6,500 miles in 8 countries antivirus programm kostenlosen vollversion. Gloria has been a Motor Maid for 65 years, having joined in 1946 and is the longest member still riding.  She continually encourages women to ride and to be involved. Gloria is an inspiration to riders and non-riders alike.

Mike & Margaret Wilson – While both Mike & Margaret Wilson have contributed individually to the sport and lifestyle of motorcycling, those who know this couple consider them to be a pair Download photos from icloud iphone. Mike was an expert dirt-track and TT racer both before and after his stint in World War II. Right after his return, Mike bought a 45 cubic inch Harley-Davidson motorcycle as a birthday surprise for Margaret. Mike and Margaret were business partners in a Harley-Davidson then Honda dealership in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for over 25 years. Both Mike and Margaret have been avid riders and have spent countless hours encouraging others to ride, too. Known to an entire generation of women raiders, Margaret is a golden life member of the Motor Maids celebrating 60 years this year. Mike and Margaret both serve on the Board of Directors of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum and continue to work to preserve the heritage of motorcycling through their involvement.

The annual Sturgis Motorcycle Hall of Fame Induction Breakfast is scheduled on Wednesday, August 10 at 9:00 a.m. at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center in Rapid City, SD. Breakfast tickets are available for a $35.00 donation, tables of eight for $300.00. Tickets can be purchased online at the Sturgis Museum Breakfast or call 605.347.2001


Feb 142011

You may know them… The Limpnickie Lot.  They are a collaboration of custom bike builders and American Parts manufacturers from the “Next Generation” of the American V-Twin industry herunterladen. Comprised of small shops and individuals, it is their mission to band together to promote their unique blend of culture and style derived from many younger influences including Motocross, skateboarding, heavy music, BMX, and other aspects of the next generation Download diabetes software for free.

You can check out more about the Limpnickie Lot, their history, and their philosophy by visiting them on the web here or by checking them out at one of the many national events they attend to promote their wares brawl stars zum downloaden.

But watch out young whippersnappers!  Those old guys have not run out of energy quite yet!  In fact, they are banding together to form a united front of talent, craft, expertise, and experience app zumen von videos iphone!

Enter the Greybeard Society.

Now with nine “official” members, the Greybeard Society is for those members of the motorcycle industry at least 45 years of age with at least 10 years under their belts, build their own stuff, and are anti-establishment types who don’t follow the rules but, rather, create and innovate thru blood, sweat and HOURS facebook videos app iphone! These are the ones you may not know, but should.

Who is on the roster so far??  Please welcome the 1st string of players!

Steve “BrewDude” Garn

Pat Leahy

Skeeter Todd

Rick Lewis

Wayne Cothran

Jerry Long

CJ Allan

Duane Ballard

Chuck Kelley

What you are looking at is a list of 9 amazing artists, craftsmen, industry folks, and all around good characters.  I understand that there will be a tenth name added soon.  What you should really, really do is go to their Facebook page and “like” them.  That way you can keep up with all the updates automatically download all images of a homepage mac.

While they may not be skateboarding or listening to Punk Rock while at the rally closest to you, perhaps you can tease them about motorized barstool or Hoveround races and stop in for a free blood pressure screening.  But do it respectfully cause these guys are your elders.  They know a lot more, have been around a lot longer, and probably have perfected ways to kill you in your sleep and get away with it netflix filme nicht herunterladen!

Seriously, it is my hope that these guys get some of the recognition they deserve and, by banding together, they become a real force to be reckoned with and admired.  Way to go guys… and if you lower the age requirement to 41, I want in! download music like!

Love, Respect, and Greybeards!