You Should Be Very Angry – Nissan… Bad Move

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Sep 052011
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Can you believe this? herunterladen?  WTF??



Well, it is now official… mainstream advertisers have gotten the message that it is “hip” to run down bikers…



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Hells Angels and Mongols Clash in Sturgis 2011

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Aug 152011

Well, for those of you who were there, ya probably already know all about it… for those that couldn’t make this year’s Sturgis Rally, you still probably know about it… Seems like the Hells Angels and the Mongols got into it a little bit last Wednesday night just off Main Street, in front of the Angel’s Clubhouse (Pee-Wee’s Shop).  One member from each club went to the hospital with stab wounds, and both have been released herunterladen.

Two Hells Angels are in custody and face assault charges after a biker fight in downtown Sturgis.  Mark Allen Duclos, 48, is charged with aggravated assault, and George James Caruso, 57, is charged with simple assault Download youtube video for whatsapp.

This will certainly go down as one of the better known clashes between clubs in the states… There are of course the instances in Laughlin, the shooting in Custer State Park, and the recent activity in Arizona.  You can read about most of these things in my blog if you wanna keep up herunterladen symbol.

We also have a few links to a video someone shot from One Eyed Jack’s Saloon.  The first part is the most interesting (and easy to watch)… then the sun goes down and it becomes hard to see apps ohne google konto herunterladen.








Rollins is Out, Trejo is In! – SOA News

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May 152011

Yes, for all of you who were pleasantly surprised to see punk rock front man, Henry Rolling join, and then leave, the cast of Sons of Anarchy, there is a new kid in town.  Yup, Mr herunterladen. Danny Trejlo is signing himself up.

Couldn’t say how long Trejo will be a part of the cast, but know that Season 4 of Sons of Anarchy is going to feature this wild man.  And I know it is just my humble opinion, but Danny is an infinitely better actor (sorry Henry).  In fact, Trejo is the primary reason I have enjoyed Robert Rodriguez films like From Dusk to Dawn, Desperado, and Machete as much as I have, and possibly why I forgave him for that whole Spy Kids thing.  And if you have ever seen one of those films, but don’t recognize the name Danny Trejo, just think of the baddest ass, meanest, Mexican Mother F*^cker you can imagine and that would be him.  Pretty intimidating die sims 1 kostenlos herunterladen.

Trejo is set to portray former Mexican military commando Romero ‘Romeo’ Parada, who finds himself a new friend in SAMCRO zoom download mac kostenlos. We do know that he will have a multi-episode stint, but don’t know exactly how long it will last.  I hope he gets at least as much screen time as Rollins did download music on play music.

Anyway, we all wait with baited breath for the new season to begin.  September will be here before you know it… I mean, we have the River Run and Myrtle Beach going on now (don’t ask me how I feel about Myrtle Beach… you can search it in the little field at the top right of this page), we have the Big Mountain Run, the All Harley Memorial Day Blowout in Gulfport, the ROT Rally in Texas, Sturgis, and a bunch of local things to keep us busy while we wait herunterladen.


Love, Respect, and Biker TV,





Apr 222011

As you know from my posts this past year, we have been in touch with the folks who created The Guts and Glory Rally since it was first introduced.  In fact, it was a run that I had thought very seriously about doing and even had a couple friends lined up to go with me.  As it turns out, we were short on capital and never were able to register all photos from google.


But it looks as if we may have another chance.  Seems that there is a little legal action being threatened if the run continues.  Too bad as, in our last report, you found out that the Shriners were going to help out and that a large portion of monies were going to go to the Shriners’ Organization.  You can do a quick search in the blog’s sidebar for “guts and glory” to get all the back articles tiptoi welt der musik herunterladen.


Anyway, the run will be postponed a year which is too bad.  However, with any luck the ride will be back on stronger and more sure footed next year.  Perhaps I will see you at the starting gate amazon prime video herunterladen macbook.


Love, Respect, and Rally,




Official Press Release:


“The Guts and Glory Rally Across America has been postponed due to the threat of legal action and inaccurate and misleading statements made by the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge and The Medicine Show Land Trust.  Once the threat of litigation is removed, the Guts and Glory Rally will be rescheduled for May of 2012 stack ball for free.

“This is equivalent to Ford threatening legal actions against Chevrolet simply because they both manufacture cars.  It is heartbreaking that because of these unfounded and misleading accusations made against us, we are forced to postpone coming to the aid of thousands of Wounded Veterans and critically ill children across this Great Nation.” state the owners of Guts and Glory Motorsports gratis thriller ebooks downloaden.

Guts and Glory Charity Liaison Sam Tate says, “On behalf of myself and the Veterans charities involved in the Guts and Glory Rally Across America, we would like to express our complete support and faith in the Guts and Glory Rally and its owners.  Guts and Glory has been extremely transparent and forthcoming concerning all aspects about the rally, as well as very respectful to the needs and issues regarding the charities and we will continue to support this endeavor, even though the rally has been postponed this year.”

All registered participants in the Guts and Glory Rally will be refunded their entry fees in full.   Guts and Glory Motorsports will keep everyone updated on its progress and looks forward to staging the Guts and Glory Rally in 2012 in support of military charities and the Shriners Hospitals for Children anhang herunterladen iphone. The owners of the Guts and Glory Rally Across America thank all the participants, sponsors and charitable organizations who continue to support and believe in our collective goals download fc bayern pictures for free. For ongoing information, please call 615.376.0590 or visit Guts And Glory.



New “Biker” TV Show Online

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Apr 222011



OK, so how many of you like to ride across the country?  I sure as hell do.  And how many of you have dreamt of just taking off and going, and going, and going?  Sure enough, my hand goes straight up Download youth books for free!


Well, there is a reality TV (Internet) show coming out now called The Motorcycle Diaries.  It follows 5 young (and beautiful—hey, it is TV), folks as they take 50 weeks out of their regular lives and run around the country on Harleys.  They will ride 25,000 miles, visit 220 cities, and put two wheels to asphalt in all 50 states kaspersky internet security 2019 download kostenlos.


Let’s see, we have a male model, a health nut searching for answers, a recovering addict, a stripper, and what is probably a well to do, spoiled, and sheltered young lady out to “discover” herself.  Why?  Well, I ‘spose we need to remember that the producers of this little ditty are hoping to spark the interest of the general public.  And for that you need pretty people, varied personalities, and the possibility of drama!  It is a “reality” show ya know scanner kostenlos herunterladen.


Regardless, I think the episodes will be interesting.  I am positive I will be jealous, and if it is done right, it could be the next hit.  Biggest leap for this show is the fact that it is really dependent upon social media.  There is a Facebook page and a Twitter account to follow.  Not sure if each “character” will have their own, but know that you will be able to interact with them all on-line anonym herunterladen.


What do you think?  Will you watch?  Heck, I will give it a shot.


Love, Respect, and Biker TV,