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We have received reports that the convention brawl yesterday actually involved three clubs, Outlaws, Pagans, and Warlocks office powerpoint for free mac.  It seems that the fight began inside the lobby and spilled out to the street, as opposed to the two fights that was previously thought fitbit versa zifferblatt download kostenlos.  The altercation was not on the same floor as the convention, although the club members were there to check it out as they do every year you can download games.  Approximately 40 police officers were on scene and 8 club members injured and 8 were arrested.  There was a firearm that was confiscated, but it was not used in the altercation and none of those injured were hurt badly sims 2 windows 10 kostenlos downloaden.  We are not sure as to why the fight broke out.  I have received reports that it was over a t-shirt and another report that it started when members of the Pagans took a cane to a Skinhead google mail downloaden.  Perhaps the two reports are related.  Thanks to our readers who sent in reports of what went down… as more comes available, I will post spiele kostenlos downloaden solitaire free.





another update… Just heard from Aurora of Steadfast Brand (check out the post in the Tattoosday section) and she has another report from on site Download pet games for free.  According to Aurora, the altercation was shut down pretty quickly by cops in full riot gear.  A number of folks were carrying and someone was shooting rounds outside, but as far as we know, no-one was hit Download ringtone for iphone 7.  The convention did see a disruption with the fire alarm going off.  She mentioned a client at her booth was being worked on and had his wife and brand new baby with him instagram für windows downloaden.  Steadfast was able to get the two of them into a private room just to play things safe while Papa stayed under the gun.

  2 Responses to “Tattoo Convention Brawl Update”

  1. It was over a T-Shirt and they beat the guy with a broom stick while ripping it off. There were at least 2 or 3 guys kicking him while 2 more were punching him while he was down. They were taking turns beating him with a broom stick as well. It all happened in under 60 seconds but seemed much longer with all that happened. I’m not sure what happened outside as I didn’t want to stick around after the police showed up. Don’t need to get involved in who saw what as you don’t mess with either of those MC groups. Hope this helps you clarify things since I was standing from 1-10 feet away from the entire incident. It started about 10 feet away and then worked closer to me. The Outlaw who got jumped walked right past me and was within inches and he looked horrible. His face was extremely swollen and bleeding in a few spots. To think that this was all ove a shirt. It’s a wonder why our kids are fighting over nonsense. Look at the role models they have. FULL GROWN ADULTS FIGHTING OVER A STUPID T-SHIRT!! This is a sad sad sad world we live in.

  2. There where no shots fired&it started over the skinhead getting jumped.I was no in a back room.birds eye view

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