Apr 152009

This post comes from Eric Ellis at Hot Bike… great news!  The Seegers rock and I am so very excited about this new venture.  Wish I could be at the grand opening and may have my sister go represent for me apps ohne google konto herunterladen.  Good luck Elisa.



Genuine Motorworks  announced its grand opening, to be held April 18th. Founded by Elisa Seeger, Genuine Motorworks is a unique motorcycle merchandise store with an artistic side, dedicated to made in the U.S.A gta 5 wieder herunterladen. and Americana product and an artist’s gallery.

The new store will feature lifestyle apparel such as Levi’s, Dickies and Wrangler, vintage helmets, leather jackets by Schott and accessories geared to meet the needs of today’s male riders total av free download. In addition to its merchandise line, Genuine Motorworks will have custom bikes on display as well as an art gallery where there will be one featured artist monthly exe herunterladen. The first exhibit will feature Bobby Seeger Jr’s photography that is dedicated to his friend, and business partnerIndian Larry xbox one 4k spielinhalte herunterladen.

As partners in Indian Larry Motorcycles, the Seegers served as the driving force behind the creative and diverse line of Indian Larry merchandise – experience they will carry with them as they open Genuine Motorworks herunterladen. The new store will feature an extensive line of riding gear, accessories and motorcycle parts with a focus on brands that have a deep American heritage rar dateien auf ipaden. In addition to its merchandise line, Genuine Motorworks will also house a few custom bikes, as well as an art gallery where artists will be invited to display their work herunterladen.

“We’re excited about the launch of Genuine Motorworks, and we’ve designed the store to feature brands with Americana roots,” said founder Elisa Seeger windows 7 german. “To honor the true spirit of motorcycling, Genuine Motorworks will carry only top quality merchandise with a dedication to finding brands Made in the USA, honoring the craftsmen that built this country steam for free. We will feature brands such as Redwing, Frye and Filson along with numerous others.”

Genuine Motorworks grand opening is set for Saturday April 20th, noon- 4 p.m. To kick things off there will be an in store promotion where you buy $50 or more worth of merchandise and receive a limited edition Genuine Motorworks t-shirt, (while supplies last). The store is located at 195 North 14th St. in Brooklyn, N.Y., and is open 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. 7 days a week. For more information about Genuine Motorworks, please visitwww.genuinemotorworks.com or call (718) 486-6971.

  2 Responses to “Elisa Seeger opens Genuine Motorworks in Brooklyn”

  1. HMMM…strange that this sounds exactly like Smith + Butler in the Carroll Gardens area of Brooklyn. My favorite shop in all of New York City that opened last fall. Upon further examination it IS an almost identical rip off of Smith + Butler down to the same exact helmets, wool shirts (color patterns and all), gloves, pants, vests…and they are doing art work as well? I want to assume that this lady has similar taste in clothing and apparel – because if she didn’t – it would be safe to say that she walked into Smith + Butler, took precise notes of everything in that shop and then went ahead and made an identical order. Is there room for two of these stores in Brooklyn? I suppose since her shop is in the quasi desolate, still growing hipster ‘hood – and Smith + Butler is on the unique Smith Street where there are plenty of places to have a beer, eat some amazing food, shop in the various, privately owned stores and walk freely. Why not check out both places and decide for yourself.

  2. You sound like a jealous ex girlfriend Jeff. Are you from Brooklyn? I suppose not because your statements about the 2 neighborhoods sound like regurgetated blatherings of hoodsnobs who’ve got no business speaking out loud. If you are from Brooklyn, why don’t you actually come down here to the quasi-desolate, still growing hipster ‘hood and walk 2 blocks away before you imply that there are no places to have a beer, eat some amazing food, shop in the vasrious privately owned stores or walk freely. There’s plenty of that, in fact quite a bit more then in the Carroll Gardens area. You make a stupid argument anyway because people from one neighborhood are not going to travel to the other for this store so they aren’t even competition. Furthermore you should only be applauding BOTH the owners for the ideals they represent with their stores. As in buy American, support American companies.
    Thank you
    Jeff Bailey is a douchebag

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