Jul 082009

friday_jonesIt’s true, Friday is opening an upscale tattoo studio on 5th Avenue in New York City herunterladen!  Yup, the same street as Saks is going to be the new home of Celebrity Couture Tattooist Friday Jones’ new shop, Friday Jones Fifth Avenue.  Can’t get any more hip than that camstudio kostenlos!

The new shop promises to combine the “luxury and personal care of ‘couture’ with the artistry and design that comes with getting inked by a specialized tattoo artist.”   The shop will also carry Friday’s very own tattoo product line, Friday Jones Wholesome Tattoo Care malware anti malware herunterladen.  This new line was created in conjunction with New Jenson of MBI Nutraceuticals and is an advanced formula for nourishing skin that is an all-natural alternative to what is currently on the market download photoscape photo editing program for free.


Friday’s new website, www.fridayjones.net, has a nice little bio on the artist extraordinaire:

“Friday Jones is truly redefining the art of tattoos with the Fifth Avenue introduction of her ‘couture tattoo’ experience in spring 2009 herunterladen. Having worked with clients ranging from Angelina Jolie, Janeane Garofalo, The Neville Brothers, Robbie Williams, Lydia Hearst and Aubrey O’Day – she is known for providing an overall experience that combines fine art, detailed craftsmanship, and personal, as well as spiritual, components that transcend what tattoo art has previously been known to be what is a.

More than a tattoo artist, Friday’s designs continue to win many awards and are showcased in art galleries across the United States. Her art has also been featured on the cover of Robbie Williams’ 2002 Escapology album, as well as The Celtic Warrior Axe designed for Fender-Jackson guitars icy tower herunterladen.

Friday Jones began her journey into tattoo art with an apprenticeship at the prestigious Inksmith & Rogers studios in Florida in the early 1990’s, which she completed while simultaneously earning a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy and Art at Jacksonville University download windows update individually. A member of the National Tattoo Association since 1994, she was selected at the organization’s annual convention in April 2009 as the youngest on a panel of six (along with Ed Hardy) that roasted the legendary San Francisco tattooist Lyle Tuttle (who inked Janis Joplin and is the only tattooist ever to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone) media creation tool für windows 10 herunterladen.

By opening the first-ever tattoo studio on Fifth Avenue in New York June 2009, Friday Jones continues to transform the art and experience of tattoos.”

Sounds to me like Friday is joining the likes of Brandon Bond, Paul Booth,  and Guy Aitchison & Michelle Wortman in setting up a truly remarkable environment in which to experience the art and act of tattooing viber für handy herunterladen.  I look forward to seeing what happens and to checking out her new shop the next time I get back East.  Friday has recently gifted ArtBiker World and the University of Houston- Clear Lake each an original fine art work for their respective collections.  Jones was one of the hand picked artists to take part in the exhibition, “Artists of Permanence: the fine art of the tattooist,” and we are thrilled that she has given such a gracious donation of herself.  Please help us out in supporting Friday and her new shop whenever you are in the area.

Love, Respect, and Tattoo Couture,


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