Jul 182009

MILWAUKEE – It’s been a bad week for Harley-Davidson, but Milwaukee Harley-Davidson is hoping to cheer up hog-heads this weekend by turning bikes into paintbrushes in einem land vor unserer zeit herunterladen.

Without question, the recession has been hard on Harley-Davidson, from slumping sales to thousands of layoffs, but Milwaukee Harley-Davidson dealership owner Chaz Martin is doing everything he can to get the city’s riders back in good spirits and, more importanly, back on the road with a weekend event he calls “Sol Expressions.”

“We’re doing a tattoo show and a bike show, but what we’re doing with those shows is trying to get people to come out and actually tell their story navigation cards for free. Instead of showing your tattoo or showing your bike, we want to know why you got that tattoo, what’s special about it to you, and also, on your motorcycle herunterladen. What inspired you to create your bike or make your motorcycle the way that you did?”

What: Sol Expressions
When: Saturday, July 18th at 11:00 a.m adobe premiere.
Where: Milwaukee Harley-Davidson, 11310 W. Silver Spring Road in Milwaukee.

In the ultimate blend of art and bikes, a Harley will actually be used to make art download sky series.

“It’s going to be the first time, we believe, ever that a motorcycle has been used as a paintbrush. We’re going to use a motorcycle to spray a bunch of t-shirts on a wall forza horizon 4 kostenlosen. It’s something you kind of have to see to believe and even understsand.”

Portions of the event’s proceeds will benefit the Make a Wish Foundation, but an added benefit could just be the morale boost it gives its attendees Try powerpoint download for free.

“I really hope that is something that will bring some fun into the marketplace for this weekend. Anytime you hear about job cuts that will affect families and associates, it’s nothing that we like to hear spotify herunterladen über mobile daten. I’m hoping Sol Expressions really breathes some life. I hope the timing does help a bit with the blow some people are receiving.”

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