Jan 142010

Steve Jones was a reporter for the BBC.  He was the Mid-Wales correspondent and regularly appeared on both TV and radio.  He was a good reporter who had held his position for 20 years.  He was also a Hells Angel app games to.

At this year’s Bulldog Bash, Jones was actually interviewed by members of the BBC who did not know him personally.  Jones, going by his road name, Echo, criticized the police for being heavy handed in their security measures for the 2009 event.  When his higher ups found out about it, he was out a job download windows word for free.

Jones had previously annoyed BBC bosses by wearing a short-sleeved shirt on TV – showing off his tattooed arms, but officially, he was let go for breaching their code of conduct, which says journalists must disclose their interests and get permission before representing outside organizations yosemite herunterladen ohne installation. The father of two was on leave when he took on the role of unofficial press spokesman for the biking event.

A BBC spokesman confirmed he had been dismissed after a disciplinary hearing and it is understood that he is appealing against the decision r4 karte spiele kostenlos downloaden deutsch.

Below you will see the actual interview that caused all the problems for Jones.

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  One Response to “BBC Journalist Fired for Being a Hells Angel”

  1. As much as I think that firing him is total crap, as a journalist himself he should have known better and disclosed his job to the reporter interviewing him.

    Whenever a person works in a job that is supposed to be objective they should disclose anything that might might compromise their objectivity.

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