Jan 282010

Wednesday’s lunch hour offered up an unusual menu item for folks in the Front Street and Soquel Avenue area of Santa Cruz, CA.  In a very unusual display of aggression, Vagos MC members and Hells Angels MC members were reportedly fighting with hammers and crowbars.  By the time police arrived at the scene, the fight had broken up and members of both clubs had left the area download creative cloud desktop app.

One county resident, 37 year old Thomas Froberg, was arrested after his car was identified as leaving the scene.  He was pulled over and a hammer was found in his vehicle lizenzfreie grafiken kostenlos downloaden. Froberg was booked into County Jail on suspicion of possessing a deadly weapon and a gang allegation, according to police.

The best part of this story (if there is an upside to groups fighting with one another) is that Sheriff’s Office Sgt color switch app kostenlos downloaden. Ian Patrick, who oversees gang investigations in the unincorporated area of the county, stood up for the club members when speaking with the media.  Patrick mentioned that motorcycle club members have been arrested for personal issues, but no club events have caused problems in recent memory and that the Sheriff’s Office doesn’t keep track of “outlaw motorcycle gang” membership in the county videos with link.

Patrick said that a chapter of Hells Angels claims Santa Cruz County, but he wouldn’t classify them as a criminal street gang under state law based on the contacts, or lack thereof, sheriff’s deputies have had with members exchange address book download error.

But the real prize goes to Ian for the following statement; “People have a right to meet and congregate and be part of groups and we want to be careful about allowing people to do that within their constitutional rights.”  Somebody buy that officer a beer ältere teamviewer versionen herunterladen.



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