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Wheels of Soul MC, the club that claims to be the only racially mixed 1%er club in America, has been the target of a sting operation run by three arms of law enforcement.  The Camden police, city code enforcement officers, and the Camden County fire marshals raided the Camden, NJ clubhouse and shut it down citing 10 or more health, safety, and fire code violations, including having abandoned vehicles on the property, and lack of an occupancy certificate.  The property, located on the 800 block of Princess Avenue, has historically been the site of illegal activity including multiple shootings star wars the awakening of the makes free.

The sweep marked the first time that city and county agencies had joined forces to try to shut down the club’s facility. “This gang has plagued the Parkside community of Camden for too long,” Police Chief Scott Thomson said Thursday herunterladen. “Hopefully, we have shut their operations for good.”

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  1. As far as I know, the Wheels ARE the only racially mixed 1%er MC out there. Most of the others (if not all) are strongly divided along racial lines. But they (the Wheels) don’t put it out there as their main point. Brotherhood, a love of riding, and community support are the mainstays of the Wheels culture. One also has to have demonstrable financial means to join the club. Illegal sources of income are not accepted. Also, if the site has been, as the article claims, “historically… the site of illegal activity including multiple shootings,” why is it that the authourities could only cite them on health and safety code violations? If these guys are such bad-asses, why couldn’t the cops get them using the broader RICO stautes (ref. the recent action against the Mongols MC, and the several attempts against the Hell’s Angels)? Could it be that there are a few bad eggs in the Wheels of Soul “basket,” but on a whole they are actually not as bad as the authorities would have us think? Any group has its bad apples. Should we have shut down the White House after the Watergate scandal? Anybody remember “Monkey Business?” How about the Catholic church? Isn’t homosexually seducing an impressionable young boy as bad as a health code violation? The local businesses always come out in support of these guys when they come under fire. Sure, one can argue “the devil you know is better than the one you don’t,” but come on. If these guys were as bad as the powers that be would have us believe, first they (the authorites) would have had better ammunition, and second, the locals would have siezed the opportunity to rid themselves of this so-called “scourge.” It seems to me that the local law enforcement, encouraged by the recent semi-success against the Mongols (which was, by and large, overturned), have targeted yet another “easy mark” simply in an attempt to put another notch in their belt. And yet all they have done (to the cognizant observer) is show how weak their case against these guys is. Let’s go after real criminals, not a group of guys who band together because they like to ride and enjoy the fraternity of their comrades. And speaking of fraternities, where’s the shut down of frats and sororities that have a much longer history of “hazing mishaps” than ANY MC?


  3. You got my support brothers..
    I hope you get out of this pig crap .
    I will take any of you into Zoroastrian MC anytime.
    Keep strong

  4. the club got deep roots to the soil they roll on.

  5. Surprised to see Zoroastrian MC is still alive and going. I remember them from when I was a kid in Minneapolis. They had a clubhouse down the street. Very cool guys if you can get past the all night parties. Also a racially mixed club so very good to see them still going.

  6. Love and prayers to WOS, I was raised in the club and have the most respect for them . There are always bad seeds but there’s nothing wrong with loving to ride and have a family that crosses the nation. WFFW

  7. Stay strong Brothers, roll on pass this Bull$#!%. Peace Brothers M.C.

  8. Stay strong brothers. The bulls#*t means nothing

  9. First things first. Hang tough! I know, You already do that!
    A mutual friend who years ago jung with you named Cork (Harry Danfield) past away about a year ago. I wanted to let you guys know, as he had a lot of respect for you, but couldn’t find a way to contact you, especially the Camden brothers.
    Feel free to email me. biker1@gmail.com.



  11. Does anyone know who “Blade” was? The only thing i know is that he was the president of the WoS in 1990

  12. I’ve known quite a few members of the wheels, originally from S.W.P. than U.D. and a member of another club I’ve never known any of the wheels to show nothing but true brotherhood and to take care of their nieghborhood. And never had a problem even been to the clubhouse on market st. with Bald Larry as I called him and bear and butter. I’m now in Richmond but always think of Philly wish they would leave you and the rest of us alone, to handle our own!! BY THE WAY my motto is W.F.F.W you guys figure it out lol.
    later ROTTEN

  13. I have recently delt with some wheels… The cowards stabbed multiple people killing one. Then ran and hid like little girls. They are not by any means good people. They are trash

  14. Having lived in Camden and gotten know many of the members of The Wheels Of Soul what I remember is a strong bond to the neighborhood and protection for the business there.
    Always there was Much Respect for all neighbors of The Clubhouse.

    If you didn’t have a friend in The Wheels Of Soul and lived in Camden – you needed full coverage
    health insurance.
    The Wheels Of Soul were anti gun, and PRO Fist and Knife, not somebody you want as an enemy –
    it was your blessing to have one for a friend.

    Like “Rotten’ said above – this is True Brotherhood, and no other biker groups across the country have ever had what the Wheels Of Soul have when they meet and ride.
    I never witnessed a problem with another group – with a neighbor – with the police or the mechanics. LOL
    It was a good time 24/7 – and it was done right.

  15. Blade was my dad. Never met him. Dont know much about him either except that he was quiet. Guess thats where I get it from.

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