Feb 022010

Any of you who actually know me probably know that my favorite holiday of the year is Groundhog’s Day herunterladen!  Why?  Well, I really don’t know.  I often miss it and I think that is due to the fact that no-one sends me a Happy Groundhog’s Day card in the mail… Hallmark, get off your ass and do something about that ps4 über nachten lassen.

Seriously though, I do find something endearing in the idea that a little creature would crawl out of its burrow and check the weather… if the sun is too bright, he goes back to bed, and if it is overcast and calm, he might venture out for a bite to eat ibooks bücher herunterladen.  Maybe it is because this sounds like a hangover ritual I know… hmmm.

In any case, Punxsutawney Phil, the “official” groundhog of groundhog’s day, came out this morning and saw his shadow (or so he says) gratis schriften herunterladen.  Below is a clip from the ceremonies.

Love, Respect, and Furry Little Groundhogs,



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