Sep 152010

Just a little promo shout out for our friend Rick Fairless of Stroker’s Dallas…

Hey ya’ll download whatsapp notificationston. I just want to remind ya’ll to watch our new TV show Ma’s Roadhouse tonight on TruTV. It airs at 8:00pm CST or 9:00pm EST/PST download icloud complete album. Click on my website to watch a promo video. They are showing back-to-back episodes tonight, so let me know what you think after you watch them bubble breaker for free. Email me at

Thanks ya’ll

Rick Fairless

  One Response to “Ma’s Roadhouse Debuts Tonight”

  1. This show was disappointing, completely fake. I have personally seen several raids for different reasons growing up where i did and the police dont behave in the manner they did in the latest episode,and if that is how the cops in texas are trained they need new swat

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