Sep 162010

When I was growing up, my sister was a Mod.  She collected Vespas and must have owned eight or ten of them at one time… she even had one with a sidecar herunterladen.

I, well I was the Rocker.  I rode my bike, listened to rock and roll, and got down and dirty with the best of them.

One night when my bike was broken down, which was not at all unusual, I took my sister’s Vespa Rally 150 out for a spin.  It had 4 gears, was really fast, and scared the bejeezus out of me!!  Those tiny little wheels on there, it was like riding a skateboard down a San Francisco street with no nuts on the truck bolts… Squirrelly download xbox app!

Well, after that little jaunt, I had a new found respect for the scooter kids.

Enough of a trip down memory lane; both cultures are still alive and well.  In fact, the Mods and Rockers have their own little rallies around the country and around the world.  This weekend Houston will be the host city to the Rockers VS Mods Hustletown Rumble II.  Below you will find some of the info you need and if you are into it, follow the link here to check out the entire event powerpoint foil sdesign for free!

I was really hoping to attend this event, but time may have slipped by me a bit.  The ’75 Yamaha XS 650 sidecar rig is up on a lift (it is a LONG story that involves a one legged prospect and a pregnant wife… seriously), and I had really wanted to take the girls with me and show off the “family van.”  If I do go, you can count on a new series of photographs filme downloaden free!

Hope to see you there and if you do get out and get some shots, please share your stories and images with all of us here at ArtBiker World.

Love, Respect, and Scooter Culture whatsapp for free huawei!


If you are old enough to drink in a bar and so is your bike (or it at least looks old), then you came to the right place fortnite wiederholung herunterladen!

If you like bikes, scooters, live music, group rides and everything that goes along with two-wheeled classics, then, once again, you came to the right place herunterladen!

Only traditionally styled bikes and scooters in the “Rockers-vs-Mods” spirit will be judged and eligible for awards!

ALL BIKES AND SCOOTERS are welcome at the rally videosen.

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