Civ V Research Agreement

Sep 142021

Investments in research agreements will be lost if they are broken. That`s why you should never go to war with your research partners if you can help him, since you both lose. Use this research to have a great armyWhile you should be technologically advanced, update units with gold and make sure they meet your new standards. Just add strength and you have a few ranged combat units. Although pikemen are not particularly great, they have a good fighting force that increases your military score. Look at the demographics screen and don`t be the last, but the 3-5th in a 10-player game. AI has “discrepancies” with tiny civs, even though they`ve never really fought in the past. They like to devour you when you are small and weak. Also build new units as they become available. You want to gradually develop your army during the game, but you don`t need to be #1. It is easy to defend in your own country if you have enough troops.

Notice how I set up a fortified line in one of the screenshots above to protect my country. Babylon has been quite friendly, but things can get worse if you start earning by building spaceship pieces. Castles, etc. in your cities, are also a deterrent. In this game, I was able to build Neuschwanstein that favors a little defense and offers happiness in the melody of 8-10 in total for 3-4 cities. What is research to be OptimalLuxury technologies are always prioritized, as are things like grain farmers, if they help you more. You`ll also want city connections to support your income, so roads and ports are important, as are trade routes. .

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