Oct 212010

Panhead Photo by ArtBiker

So, you love Shovelheads… you adore Panheads… you swoon for Knuckleheads…  Yeah, me too.  And I remember when you could actually buy them for a reasonable price.  But, alas, the old iron has become popular again the past five or six years.  Hence the availability of retro engines from some major players out there… the Xzotic Panhead and Knucklehead engines by RevTech have been available for quite a while with their Pandemonium Motor, another Pan Style, available even longer.  Then S&S stepped up their game and came out with a beautiful Shovel.  Boy, I love that generator style.  And S&S didn’t stop there; soon they took on Flathead Power and released the P-Series motor, which is an amazingly gorgeous Panhead, and now a KN-Series, which is a spicy little Knuck herunterladen.

Shovelhead image by ArtBiker

But if you wanted to get exotic and switch things around like two rear cylinders or a front Knuck and rear Pan, or anything else you could dream up, you would have to find a specialist like Accurate Engineering.  Those guys can put out some AMAZING power trains crossword puzzles for free.

But what if you wanted to do something special with a Sporty engine?  What if you wanted to make some mythical creature like a Magnum?  What’s a Magnum?  Well, you take a Harley Flathead (45 cu.in.) and mate it with a Sportster 900 top end!  Yeah, kinda like the Lochness Monster, right?  Well they are out there.  In fact, my good friend Steve Garn BUILT one of these bad boys a few years back and you can read all about what he went through by visiting his site here mausspots.

The INFAMOUS Magnum build from Steve "Brew Dude" Garn

But for the rest of us, well, at least for people like me who don’t possess the skills, time, or patience for going through what Steve went through, there is Paughco and legendary engine builder, Duncan Keller from Yankee Engineuity amazon musik zum herunterladen.

Keller is working on a special order basis with Paughco to create both a 45 Flathead and the 900 Magnum.  Now that is pretty damn cool.  Check it out and I bet if you don’t already have a project that needs one of these babies, you could have one dreamt up by the end of the week download browser without browser!

Love, Respect, and Old Iron,


Engraved Pan photo by ArtBiker

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