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"Biker Sexy" ArtBiker on the Annual Sturgis Run. Photo: Popster

Many of you that know me are aware of the fact that I love to ride.  I mean, we all love to ride, but I have been fortunate in my life to be able to do a lot of riding all over the country lego technic bauanleitungen herunterladen.

Last year I read all about the Hoka Hey Challenge which set riders up to travel across country for a big money prize.  Anyone who followed the story at all will know that the entire event was a mess.  There were accusations that the whole thing was fixed, or a fraud, or in some other way dirty.  There were a lot of unhappy folks, but I think that the basic idea of the event was a good one Download pumuckl for free.

Now, there is a new ride which has been set up in a similar fashion, the “Guts and Glory Rally Across America,” put on by Sunrise Entertainment mediathekview kostenlos downloaden.

Before I go further, let me say that Sunrise Entertainment was in some way attached to the Hoka Hey event.  I don’t know the ins and outs at this time but would very much appreciate any comments from anyone who knows.  At this point in time, the only thing I know is that they were the company that was supposed to document the Hoka Hey run… but they never showed… so… anyone herunterladen?

Ok, the rally will be held from May 15 – 28, 2011. One thousand riders will start in Santa Monica, California and ride 9000 miles through all of the 48 contiguous states and finish in Bar Harbor, Maine herunterladen. The riders will start with 11,000 points and follow a pre-determined and pre-timed route with 11 checkpoints along the route.

Each bike will have both an electronic timer and GPS tracking unit attached at registration herunterladen. Points will be deducted for arriving at the checkpoints either too soon or too late from the scheduled times and for varying off the course. So that means the first person across the finish line might not be the winner.  Now this is one area where the Hoka Hey got into trouble… so it will be interesting to see how it works.  I do know that independent “timing professionals,” or something like that, are going to ride each leg of the route and determine an average expected time to be en route.  This time will not be disclosed to the participants dak app.

The entry fee is $1000 but there will be cash prizes awarded for the most points for each leg and the Grand Prize to the overall winner will be $100,000 and a hand built custom motorcycle by Dave Perewitz Download mathtype for free. And who wouldn’t want a custom from Dave?!?!

1000 riders, 11 days, 48 states, and 9000 miles sounds a lot like my cup of tea.  I am very interested in entering this thing.  It does cost $1000 to enter, but, if you want one, you do get a place to sleep for 14 nights (may or may not be a hotel and you will have a roomie).  I say, “If you want one” because at each checkpoint you get to say “Guts” or “Glory.”  If you choose guts, you sleep next to your bike wherever you are and get 50 points added to your score.  If you say glory, they put you up somewhere with a hot shower, bed and bathroom, however you do not earn any points rechnungen von amazon herunterladen.

ArtBiker in Middle America

If we make up statistics (like I did in an earlier post this month), we can figure 100 folks won’t even make the starting gate, 100 will break down or somehow have to back out early, 100 will have other problems… that leaves about 700 competitors… I can take a 1 in 700 chance.  I know I will have a 100% chance of making some amazing memories.  So I am seriously considering the ride herunterladen.

Love, Respect, and Rally Baby,


For more info on how to participate, check it out:


  3 Responses to “Guts or Glory… the next Hoka Hey?”

  1. The guts and glory stole directly from the orginisers of the Hoka Hey. HH2010 had hired sunrise to film the event and for whatever reason it never happened. Also John White of APE piledirvers and crazy horse motors was involved in HH2010 and was going to take over HH2011 because of his “friends in the biz” John White and Sunrise got together and started Guts and Glory a complete rip off of the HH2011 they knew the route plans from the people at HH and stole the route and idea. They are real capatalist swine. HH was a great idea it, and unfortunatley ended how it ended, but how many times does a brand new idea run smoothly. Really these bourgeoisie scumbags are not creative enough and befriended some visionaries and stole their ideas. Th

  2. I rode the HH2010 and finished #65. Yes HH did have a lot of contraversy but as a rider I entered to except the challenge, meet new people, create memeries and raise money for vet charities. For me the ride part was succesful. I was disapointed that the charities were not involved nor received any monies. I looked into this Guts and Glory Rally and found the following. Sunrise Enyertainment was hired to film HH2010 but professioal differences caused the parting of ways, John White was suppose to take over HH but pulled out because of all the negative publicity and possible legal actions against HH. These two joined together and brought in a maketing profeesional and two pro long distance riders to create a totally different idea, “Times Event”. Thier start point is Long Beach, Cal. and is ending in Bar Harbor, Ma. The charities they have named are factual, veteran related and completely on board with Guts and Glory. The prize monies have been bonded and will be presented in Bar Harbor at the post party the day after the completion. I met dave Perewitz in daytona, he was at the Allstate Ins tent. he verified that he has agreed to build the custom bike for Guts and Glory. So here is my take. One run G & G is in may and the other, HH, is in August, one is a times event the other is a balls to the wall race. I am not crazy about mexico but if it is part of HH then so be it. I, as a rider, have the chioce of riding either or both and isn’t that the American way. I can’t agree with Mont Tai with name calling or accusation that I can’t support. I have done my homework and find that G&G are up front and verifyable but find HH still in the Grey area but hopeffully can correct thier problems and create a possitive rally. I would like to ride both.

  3. This ride showed up on our board and there are about 5 of us that are thinking about doing it and one guy has put down the cash already. I got to ride about 2500 miles just to start the race but I have family in San Diego and I would visit with them for a week before taking off for Long Beach. I also have 3 boys serving our country, two in the Marines and one in the Air Force and I would like to do this to show my support for our troops. Don’t care too much about the money but that would be cool to at least win one run but chances are my times won’t pan out. I need to get fuel about every 120 miles or so and I’ll need to change oil at least twice and I’ll need one rear tire for sure and I’m not sure how they figure that into the mix. Any info you guys have on this would be great. I’ll be checking back.

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