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I was looking… well staring… blankly at my computer monitor a moment ago when I saw this word document… “What the he…” I thought to myself.

As I opened it, I realize it was a blog post I wrote the first week of October, but somehow forgot to post… now the elections are over and the Ol’ Governator is gone… but the law still sits disney plus ps3 herunterladen.



Earlier this week, California Governor (and motorcyclist?  He did end up getting his endorsement right?) Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law the Motorcycle Anti-Tampering Act (SB 435), originally introduced by state Sen. Fran Pavley (D-Santa Monica).  While motorcycle manufacturers have been complying with the federal law since it was effective in 1983, the new law now makes it a state crime to operate any motorcycle registered in the state that was built on or after Jan herunterladen. 1, 2013, that doesn’t have a federal Environmental Protection Agency exhaust system sound emissions label.

AMA Western States Representative Nick Haris expressed major concerns about the new law.

“Many EPA labels are very difficult to locate on motorcycles,” Haris said. “This law could lead to a flurry of tickets for motorcyclists who have legal exhaust systems with EPA labels on their machines that can’t be easily seen play store whatsapp for free. It’s unreasonable to expect a law enforcement officer to easily locate an EPA label, and it’s simply unfair to expect a motorcycle owner to partially dismantle an exhaust system along the roadside to prove the label exists.”

In addition, the law requires aftermarket exhaust systems made on or after Jan. 1, 2013, to display the EPA sound emissions label, and therefore applies to individuals who seek to replace the exhaust system on affected street bikes Christmas motifs for free to.

In 1972, Congress passed the federal Noise Control Act, which required the EPA to set sound standards for a number of products. It took several years, but the EPA eventually wrote rules affecting all new motorcycles sold in the U.S. beginning in 1983.

Those regulations, which still stand today, required that all street-legal motorcycles be limited to 83 decibels at that time, with a stricter, 80-decibel limit imposed beginning in 1986, measured with a ride-by test ballermann 6 film download kostenlos.

“Requiring that a motorcycle display a readily visible EPA label isn’t the appropriate way to address concerns about excessive motorcycle sound, which the AMA has pointed out repeatedly,” Haris said. “The only objective way to determine whether a motorcycle complies with sound laws is for properly trained personnel to conduct sound level tests using calibrated meters and an agreed-upon testing procedure.”

What does this bill mean to bikers in California herunterladen? It means that all motorcycles produced after January 2013 will be required to have a visible EPA stamp that ensures the exhaust is clean burning and doesn’t exceed a noise level of 80 decibels. Violators face fines of up to $100 for a first offense and up to $250 for subsequent offenses. Judges have the discretion to dismiss the fine for first-time offenders if the violation is corrected ganzer film deutsch downloaden.

Also, thanks to ABATE (?? In exchange for a “neutral” position on the bill), a violation is considered a secondary offense, meaning a police officer can’t stop a motorcyclist solely because the officer believes the motorcyclist is breaking the sound emissions label law.

“The noise caused by illegally modified motorcycle exhaust systems is a major quality-of-life issue across the state,” Sen. Pavley said vmware player free german. “Basic common sense and decency dictates that when a motorcycle drives by and sets off every car alarm on the street, it’s too loud.”

It’s interesting that motorcycles are the only targets in the bill’s 80-decibel limit, which is roughly as loud as a vacuum cleaner. A point could be made that an equal amount of noise is generated on a regular basis from car alarms, police and news helicopters and loud car exhausts whatsapp foto nicht automatisch downloaden iphone.  In fact, just last night I went searching for the idiot who was playing his electric guitar at unspeakable volumes late at night… the violator, who I thought was a few doors down, was nearly half a mile away and playing in a church of all places!  Slap that guy with a fine and leave my Panhead and myself alone!

Love, Respect, and Hope You Don’t Get Busted,


To view the legislation, see Download toniebox songs.

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