Jan 212011

OK, so, you may know Cycle Source… No, I take that back… You really should know Cycle Source… and if you don’t then you NEED to know Cycle Source wie kann man toca hair salon 3 kostenlos downloaden.

Some great articles, some great pics, in fact, the only thing they don’t have is me working for them… hey, I write, I photograph, I even make video… am I chopped liver? firefoxen windows 7?

Ok, maybe my personal hygiene is not up to Chris Callen’s stringent standards…

And, no, I am not NEARLY as easy on the eyes or as kind and probably not as articulate as Lisa Ballard who runs the Cycle Source Magazine World Report fonts herunterladen.

But still… shouldn’t there be a place for little ol me in this fine rag?

I digress, this is about Cycle Source and their new “TV” ad… funny… a little bit of the Twilight Zone cloud and star effect, some footage that lets you know this is a quality publication of REAL bikers, and hey, if my buddy Brew is in it, it has to be quality!  Way to represent Steve herunterladen!

Check it, and then subscribe… (and then send Chris death threats until he hires me on full time…)

Love, Respect, and Grass Roots Mags,


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  1. Hey thanks for the props! Always looking for good stuff, send me some!

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