Jul 142011

Just last month, Paris-based tattoo artist Karl Marc incorporated a QR code into a tattoo which, when scanned, reveals an animated version of a specific segment of the piece.  In this case, a rose holds the QR code sharepoint app. Marco, the wearer of the piece, can change where the QR code points so he can swap new animations in whenever he pleases.  In fact, he already has a second animation ready to go video s van youtube.

The session was streamed live on Facebook as part of a promotion with Ballantine’s, allowing viewers to comment live and talk with Karl as he worked taxman 2017 for free.



All I really have to say about it is that I wish I had thought of the idea.  I mean, if I had not thought of the actual tattoo idea, then at least to have been around to volunteer to be the canvas.  I am pretty impressed with how the technology has been folded into the artwork… the dawn of a new age hp scan software herunterladen?  QR tattoos are pretty new, but they are out there… now that smartphones can scan barcodes and QR codes, who knows where they will appear… body art is just one facet gutschein kostenlos downloaden.


Love, Respect, and Technology,










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