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sm_mg_7612Matthew “Comrade” Linton has been going by the name ArtBiker since the late 80’s download amazon series. He is an artist, writer, professor, father, and patch holder, and founding president of a three-piece-patch club. He grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico where the desert landscape, open roads, and big sky had a lasting effect elster bereitgestellte steuerdaten herunterladen. Growing up in the 80’s, Matthew was deeply involved with punk rock, tattoos, skateboards, and motorcycles. Upon graduating high school in 1988, Linton went on to attend Arizona State University where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography lehrbücher kostenlos downloaden. It was in Arizona that Matthew became steeped in motorcycle culture. Past were the days of motorcycling being something in which he took part. The culture gripped him and motorcycling became who he was herunterladen.

Linton moved from sunny Arizona with its year round riding to Boston, Massachusetts where he attended Tufts University and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts call of duty download free full version german pc. There he earned his Master’s Degree in Fine Arts and Visual and Critical Studies. He began teaching photography his last year in school and ran the Photography Department at the Boston Architectural Center (an accredited architecture and design college) musik kostenlos herunterladen für iphone. Eventually the cold, long winters got to ArtBiker, and he packed his things and moved to Bellingham, Washington, where the taught photography as a visiting professor download netflix app android movies.

Things at Western Washington University were fantastic, but the weather was still a bit wet for Linton’s taste.  So, he took a tenure track position at the University of Houston- Clear Lake and has set roots down there app ohne app storeen.  He is now a Tenured Associate Professor of Fine Arts and runs the Lens Media Program at the university.

Matthew has two beautiful daughters who love motorcycles and has adopted two wonderful puppies mediathek herunterladen legal.  The girls jump at the chance to take a ride on the bike or in a sidecar while the pups are still a bit gun-shy from their days growing up in the pound vector bestanden downloaden.  Blocky will chase Matt as he rides down the street, but has yet to jump into a sidecar and go for a spin. Painter is much closer to being a riding partner, but has yet to quite get it.

Wanderlust still grips Linton.  A nomad by nature, he is always looking for an excuse to hop on a bike and set off across the country to discover something new.  He has traveled extensively throughout the lower 48 states on two wheels and generally attends as many major rallies per year as possible.  His photographs have enjoyed International acclaim and can be found at galleries, museums, and rallies around the world.  For more of his visual work, please visit the ArtBiker website at www.ArtBiker.com

Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,

The ArtBiker Staff


Young ArtBiker’s first solo motorcycle ride.

On the road – Sturgis 2010

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  1. Hi, Jeff Najar here, I sent over the information on the Torian gloves. What did you think of it? Let me know if you need anything. Thanks, Jeff

  2. Hey Matthew, Just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for your review of Henry & Glenn Forever. We really appreciate the coverage.

    Thanks again!

    Microcosm Publishing

  3. Hi Matt,
    Lynn (one of the Qwi Girls) met you at a recent motorcycle event. She gave me your name and asked me to send you a press release about Qwi Gloves. I copied a PR below for you. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks very much!
    Best regards,
    Joe Yao

    Press Release


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    The Qwiâ„¢ Nerve Protection Solution was first used in Qwiâ„¢ Driving Gloves. A study involving 740 professional truck drivers wearing Qwiâ„¢ Nerve Protection Professional Driving Gloves found that 76% of these drivers experienced an average of 60% reduction of their hand pain and numbness after wearing these gloves for 30 days or less. Qwiâ„¢ Motorcycle Gloves incorporate the same patented nerve protection technology found in Qwiâ„¢ Driving Gloves.
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    The patented Qwi™ Solution reduces pain by directing pressure away from the major nerves of the hand. Traditional gloves do not address nerve protection. According to Joseph Yao, M.D., who invented the Qwi glove, “Simply padded gloves usually place padding directly over the nerves thereby transmitting handle bar or steering wheel pressure and vibration to the nerves. The Qwi™ Solution is unique because it transfers handle bar and steering wheel pressure and vibration away from both the median and ulnar nerves.” Qwi™ Gloves thereby help injured nerves to heal and prevent nerve injury in uninjured hands. Even motorcycle riders without hand pain or numbness commented that they found Qwi™ Gloves comfortable to wear while riding.
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  4. Matt,
    Thank you for stopping by our demonstration booth at the Sturgis Rally. FuelTool is the bike to bike fuel transfer tool we demonstrated to you. I would like to send you the press release for this product if you could supply me with your email address. We will keep you updated as we continue to make progress. Thanks, Mike McAvey

  5. Hi Matthev long ago I read your magazine and would like to ask for permission to translate and print nehih your materials on your website.
    if you do not mind.

  6. Hi Matthew. My name is fred kneer and I started a new company in mid december called Suicide Clutch Apparel. We have produced our 1st edition t-shirt. It’s called ” The Laws Shirt” We advertise in the Horse Backstreet Choppers magazine. We are also getting ready to work with Joe Russo. He is offering to write a press release about the business. We are excited about that oppurtunity and flattered that he contacted us and offered a chance to brand ourselves even more with American Iron magazine. I was hoping that maybe you might be interested in reviewing our 1st edition shirt? Also we would love to run a link to your site. So to see what we offer look us up at http://www.suicideclutchapparel.com Also we are on Facebook and Twitter. We are the little guys but dynamite comes in small packages. Thanks matthew for taking the time to read my request and I hope that you will check us out.

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